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checkDarice: Aa Battery 4/Pkg1 checkDarice: Acrylic Paint Pot Set 34/Pkg2 checkDarice: Adhesive Magnetic Tape1 checkDarice: Alphabet Stencils 1"1 checkDarice: Artyfacts Portable Studio Art Set1 checkDarice: Artyfacts Portable Studio Deluxe Art Set1 checkDarice: Assorted Wood Birdhouse1 checkDarice: Baseball Acrylic Display Case 3.65"x3.65"x3.5"1 checkDarice: Battery Operated Candle Lamps 9" 2/Pkg1 checkDarice: Battery Operated Led Taper Candles W/Timer 6" 2/Pkg1 checkDarice: Battery Operated Led Tea Lights 4/Pkg1 checkDarice: Bead Loom 1 checkDarice: Bead Organizer 6.3"x4.8"1 checkDarice: Bead Organizer 6.3"x5.3"1 checkDarice: Bead Organizer 6.375"x4.5"x1.375"1 checkDarice: Bead Organizer 9.5"x6.375"x1.125"2 checkDarice: Bead Organizer Carrying Case 7.5"x10"1 checkDarice: Bean Bag Fill Plastic Pellets 5lbs1 checkDarice: Bingo Cards 24/Pkg1 checkDarice: Black Metal Lantern 1/Pkg1 checkDarice: Bottle Stopper W/Lamp Socket1 checkDarice: Bowdabra Hair Bow Kit1 checkDarice: Ceramic Christmas Tree Bulbs .25" 250/Pkg1 checkDarice: Ceramic Christmas Tree Stars 2.75"x1.875" 2/Pkg1 checkDarice: Chalk Board & Chicken Wire Frame 1 checkDarice: Chenille Stems 6mmx12" 100/Pkg3 checkDarice: Coffee Mug1 checkDarice: Construction Paper Pad 12"x9"1 checkDarice: Cork Collection Stoppers1 checkDarice: Craft Organizers Mini Stackable Plastic Containers Set1 checkDarice: Craft Tote1 checkDarice: Create Your Own Puzzle 16 Pieces 4"x5" 4/Pkg1 checkDarice: Creatures Inc.1 checkDarice: Curly Doll Hair .5oz1 checkDarice: Darice 3-Tier Metal Rolling Cart1 checkDarice: Darice Bead Spinner1 checkDarice: Darice Clay Press Machine1 checkDarice: Darice Coiless Safety Pins1 checkDarice: Darice Easy Bead Board1 checkDarice: Darice Easy Knitting Round Loom1 checkDarice: Darice Easy Knitting Yarn Holder W/Carrying Handle1 checkDarice: Darice Heavyweight A2 Cards/Envelopes (4.375"x5.75") 50/Pkg1 checkDarice: Darice Noodle Boxes 8oz 5/Pkg1 checkDarice: Darice Paper Bags 8"x10.25"x4.25" 13/Pkg1 checkDarice: Darice Ultra Stiff Plastic Canvas 7 Count 12"x18"1 checkDarice: Darice Unfinished Cigar Box1 checkDarice: Darice Unfinished Wood Wall Panel1 checkDarice: Darice Value Pack Smooth Cardstock 8.5"x11" 50/Pkg1 checkDarice: Darice Wood Hoop 3"1 checkDarice: Darice Wooden Memory Frame1 checkDarice: David Tutera Lighted Branch Spray 30"1 checkDarice: David Tutera Paper Lanterns 6", 8" & 10" 3/Pkg1 checkDarice: Deluxe Organizer 10.75"x7.7"x1.75"1 checkDarice: Doll Joints 30mm 2/Pkg1 checkDarice: Dry Erase Board 11.4"x8.5"1 checkDarice: Easy Frames For A2 Embossing Folders 7/Pkg1 checkDarice: Electric Candle Lamp W/Sensor Boxed 7"1 checkDarice: Electric Country Candle Flickering Lamp 6"1 checkDarice: Electric Flickering Candle Bulbs 2/Pkg1 checkDarice: Electric Silicone Glow Candle Bulbs 2/Pkg1 checkDarice: Electric Silicone Pearlized Gold Bulbs 2/Pkg1 checkDarice: Embossing Folder Organizer2 checkDarice: Euro Metal Hole Punch1 checkDarice: Fine Line Paint Pen Set 14/Pkg1 checkDarice: Foam Brush Set 60/Pkg1 checkDarice: Framed Chalkboard 12"x16"1 checkDarice: Framed Cork Memo Board 16"x24"1 checkDarice: Glass Gems 12oz1 checkDarice: Glass Gems 14oz1 checkDarice: Glass Marbles 12oz1 checkDarice: Grapevine Ball 4"1 checkDarice: Grapevine Miniatures1 checkDarice: Handheld Engraving Pen Tool1 checkDarice: Hole Punches 3/Pkg1 checkDarice: Jewelry Display Tray W/Hooks 14"x9.5"1 checkDarice: Jewelry Starter Tool Kit1 checkDarice: Jute Rope Spool 4-Ply 1lb 135'1 checkDarice: Kid's Art Smock1 checkDarice: Light Box1 checkDarice: Magic Nuudles 300/Pkg1 checkDarice: Magnetic Bottle Caps 1" 6/Pkg1 checkDarice: Magnetic Dry Erase Board 11"x17"1 checkDarice: Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser 1/Pkg1 checkDarice: Masking Tape1 checkDarice: Metal Easel Display Stand 12"1 checkDarice: Metal Jewelry Display Spinner 6"x6"x13"1 checkDarice: Metallics & Basics Paint Pen Set 12/Pkg1 checkDarice: Mini Bowdabra Bowmaker Tool1 checkDarice: Mini Bowdabra Hair Bow Tool1 checkDarice: Mini Paper Trimmer 4"x6"1 checkDarice: Multi Necklace Flat Display Stand 9"x14"1 checkDarice: Multipurpose Heat Tool1 checkDarice: Needle-Tip Applicator Bottles 6/Pkg1 checkDarice: No Flame Candle Plate 6.5"x7"1 checkDarice: Non-Woven Bags 12.5"x22" 12/Pkg1 checkDarice: Nylon Jaw Long Nose Flat Pliers1 checkDarice: Painting Knife Set 5/Pkg1 checkDarice: Paper-Mache Letter 8"x5.5"5 checkDarice: Paste-On Wiggle Eyes 7mm 286/Pkg1 checkDarice: Plastic Bingo Chips 150/Pkg1 checkDarice: Plastic Scrap Tote W/Pockets1 checkDarice: Plastic Storage Box 11.75"x8.75"x1.5"1 checkDarice: Pony Beads 6mmx9mm 1,000/Pkg9 checkDarice: Professional Art Set1 checkDarice: Protect & Store Tray1 checkDarice: Quilling Kit 271pc1 checkDarice: Rhinestone Setter Hot-Fix Applicator1 checkDarice: Rhinestone Setter Hot-Fix Glass Stones 3mm 1,000/Pkg2 checkDarice: Rubber Stamp Mat 11"x17"1 checkDarice: Sew-On Rhinestones 30g1 checkDarice: Silver Metal Marquee Letter 9.875"5 checkDarice: Sticker Book 9.5"x6"1 checkDarice: Studio 71 Artist Tape 1"x60yd1 checkDarice: Studio 71 Brush Bath W/Lid1 checkDarice: Studio 71 Canvas Value Pack 12/Pkg1 checkDarice: Studio 71 Lead Holder Set 1 checkDarice: Studio 71 Mixed Media Art Set 19/Pkg1 checkDarice: Studio 71 Mixed Media Brush Set 13/Pkg1 checkDarice: Studio 71 Mixed Media Set 37/Pkg1 checkDarice: Studio 71 Palettes & Knives Set 5/Pkg1 checkDarice: Studio 71 Sketch Book 8.5"x11"1 checkDarice: Studio 71 Soft Pastels 36/Pkg1 checkDarice: Studio 71 Stretched Canvas Value Pack 10/Pkg1 checkDarice: Studio 71 Stretched Canvas Value Pack 8/Pkg1 checkDarice: Studio 71 Watercolor Paint Set 12ml 12/Pkg1 checkDarice: Studio 71 Wood Pencil Case1 checkDarice: Team Sport Metal Charms1 checkDarice: Tissue Paper Value Pack 20"x26" 100/Pkg1 checkDarice: Ultimate Crafting Tool1 checkDarice: Unscented Wax Tea Lights 1.5"x.5" 100/Pkg1 checkDarice: Victoria Lynn Bridal Gift Set1 checkDarice: Victoria Lynn Bridal Lights 100 Count 32'1 checkDarice: Victoria Lynn Guest Book 6"x9"2 checkDarice: Victoria Lynn Satin Rose Petals 300/Pkg2 checkDarice: Victoria Lynn Stickers 53/Pkg1 checkDarice: Wood Advent Calendar1 checkDarice: Wood Carving Set 6/Pkg1 checkDarice: Wood Chicken Wire Frame1 checkDarice: Wood Chicken Wire Heart1 checkDarice: Wood Instrument1 checkDarice: Wood Model Kit1 checkDarice: Woodburning Creativity Set1 checkSpecial Occasion Appliques2
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Gem-Tac Permanent Adhesive-4oz
Gem-Tac Permanent Adhesive-4oz
Perfect for bonding acrylic rhinestones, jewels and mirrors to fabrics. Machine washable and dryable. Can also be used to bond ...
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Gem-Tac Permanent Adhesive-4oz

Description: Perfect for bonding acrylic rhinestones, jewels and mirrors to fabrics. Machine washable and dryable. Can also be used to bond laces to patent leather and vinyl. Great for applying fabric trims to glass, mirrors, picture frames and more.

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