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1,2,3, To The Zoo1 2020 Trinkets6 Alison Glass Handcrafted Batiks Observatory3 Alison Glass Sun Print16 Andover Adorn by Alison Glass1 Andover Adorn Lawns1 Andover Almost Blue3 Andover Anna3 Andover Annes English Scrapbox2 Andover Apple Pie Paisleys4 Andover Art Theory16 Andover Bed of Roses1 Andover Beguiled3 Andover Bluebird 15 Andover Bluebird Homestead Linen1 Andover Braveheart1 Andover Bumble Bee1 Andover Bumble Bee Basics14 Andover Buzzin Around1 Andover By The Sea1 Andover Century Holiday Shimmer20 Andover Century Prints22 Andover Century Prints Dear Diary18 Andover Century Prints Deco18 Andover Century Prints Hopscotch4 Andover Century Prints Sugar Pop13 Andover Century Solids19 Andover Century Whites5 Andover Chicken Tracks6 Andover Chicken Wire3 Andover Cross Stitch18 Andover Darling Clementine1 Andover Day of the Dead5 Andover DECLASSIFIED1 Andover Dimples18 Andover Entwine21 Andover Evergreen1 Andover Farm to Fabric2 Andover Festive 20192 Andover French Bee11 Andover Full Moon2 Andover Handiwork8 Andover Hearts 20214 Andover Holiday1 Andover Home2 Andover Hoot Hoot6 Andover Inferno3 Andover Kaleidoscope4 Andover Kaleidoscope 20212 Andover Kaleidoscope Stripes and Plaids9 Andover Laundry Basket Favorites7 Andover Laundry Basket Favorites II7 Andover Little Sweethearts2 Andover London Christmas1 Andover Makower Santa Express1 Andover Makower Scandi 20211 Andover Mariner Cloth1 Andover Meow Meadow2 Andover Merry1 Andover Midnight Haunt9 Andover Mistletoe3 Andover Moon and Stars1 Andover Northern Lights1 Andover Only You3 Andover Perennial1 Andover Perfect Union14 Andover Phosphor 20215 Andover Prism3 Andover Pumpkin Patch Plaids8 Andover Quantum2 Andover Quartz6 Andover Rainbow Sprinkles6 Andover Redux1 Andover Remix1 Andover Riviera2 Andover Rochester1 Andover Rough Hewn2 Andover Royal Blue7 Andover Ruff Life2 Andover Scandi 20191 Andover Secret Stash31 Andover Secret Stash Cool Tones13 Andover Secret Stash Earth Tones18 Andover Secret Stash Neutrals12 Andover Secret Stash Warms17 Andover Sleepy Hollow2 Andover Solstice3 Andover Something Blue5 Andover Sonoma1 Andover Spectrastatic3 Andover Spectrastatic II18 Andover Star Bright 2021 3 Andover Stars1 Andover Stealth17 Andover Stitched1 Andover Sun Print 20181 Andover Sun Print 20198 Andover Sun Print 202015 Andover Sun Print 202123 Andover Sunflower Field11 Andover Sunny Bee10 Andover Sweet 1620 Andover The Coop6 Andover The Seamstress22 Andover The Very Hungry Caterpillar3 Andover The Watcher16 Andover Tuxedo8 Andover Very Merry2 Andover Whiskers and Dash7 Andover Willow2 Andover Woodland Winter9 Andover/Makower Joy3 Andover/Makower Let It Snow1 Andover/Makower Reef1 Andover/Makower Santa Express20 Andover/Makower Scandi 20203 Andover/Makower Scandi 2110 Andover/Makower UK Forest2 Andover/Makower Woodland1 Andover/Makower Yappy Christmas2 Blue Sky2 Designer Cotton Lawn1 Downton Abbey1 Downton Abbey II1 Linen Texture21 Makower UK Grove4 Makower UK Linen Texture6 Sunprint1 The Very Hungry Caterpillar24 The Very Hungry Caterpillar 50th Anniversary Edition9 The Very Hungry Caterpillar ABC's1 The Very Hungry Caterpillar Christmas1 The Very Hungry Caterpillar Do2 The Very Hungry Caterpillar I Love You2
Andover Fabrics is a well-known brand among sewists everywhere, and for good reason! They frequently feature famous names such as Eric Carle and Downton Abbey and bring their stories to life in fabric. Vibrant colors are everywhere, but you’ll also find subdued designs to complement these collections. Thanks to their partnerships with top designers and famous brands, Andover is able to offer truly special prints and designs. Perfect for your next novelty project!

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