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Kaufman Winter Shimmer2 108" Wide Back Collection2 Activewear Knits6 All Aboard1 America The Beautiful3 American Made Muslin3 Artisan Batiks Patina Handpaints9 Artisan Batiks Prisma Dyes44 Artisan Batiks Totally Tropical 2 Batiste1 Be Pawsitive2 Bringing Nature Home1 Bull Denim1 Celebrate Seuss!11 Chambray Shirting24 Cotton Face Mask3 Cotton Sateen3 Cotton Tencel Poplin1 Cotton Twill 8 Cotton Twill Solids1 Cozy Cotton3 Cozy Cotton Flannel20 Cuddly Minky1 Designer Jersey Knit Prints1 Double Gauze8 Down On The Farm1 Dr. Seuss64 Dr. Seuss 1232 Dr. Seuss ABC5 Effervescence5 Essex Linen Blend28 Everyday Favorites1 Exclusive Shannon Minky24 Flannel Prints1 Flannel Solids4 French Terry Knit5 Gingham5 Island Sanctuary1 Jersey Knit Prints5 Jersey Knit Solids9 Jersey Knit Stripes6 Kaufman Wishwell Wilshire 21 Kaufman 108" Wide Quilt Backs1 Kaufman 2" Carolina Gingham4 Kaufman 6th Street Cottons26 Kaufman 6th Street Cottons Wide1 Kaufman A Little Dr. Seuss 19 Kaufman A to Z Animals3 Kaufman Alphabetosaurus10 Kaufman America The Beautiful Wide2 Kaufman American Heritage2 Kaufman Animal Club11 Kaufman Animal Kingdom1 Kaufman Animal Kingdom Minis6 Kaufman Animal Spirits3 Kaufman Antwerp Linen2 Kaufman Architextures10 Kaufman Area 511 Kaufman Arietta Ponte de Roma5 Kaufman Artisan Batik Bubble Blues 20 Kaufman Artisan Batik Cannabis Sativa 11 Kaufman Artisan Batik Good Vibes5 Kaufman Artisan Batik Handpaints17 Kaufman Artisan Batik Mardi Gras12 Kaufman Artisan Batik Sonoma Vista1 Kaufman Artisan Batik Summer Zest1 Kaufman Artisan Batik Sunrise Vista4 Kaufman Artisan Batiks157 Kaufman Artisan Batiks Autumn Trails 24 Kaufman Artisan Batiks Celebrate Fall30 Kaufman Artisan Batiks Celebration14 Kaufman Artisan Batiks Connect The Dots1 Kaufman Artisan Batiks Daybreak1 Kaufman Artisan Batiks Desertscapes4 Kaufman Artisan Batiks Farm Country1 Kaufman Artisan Batiks Forest Glen 1 Kaufman Artisan Batiks Forest Trails1 Kaufman Artisan Batiks Garden Style6 Kaufman Artisan Batiks Hidden Valley14 Kaufman Artisan Batiks Kasuri 26 Kaufman Artisan Batiks Magical Winter1 Kaufman Artisan Batiks Moodscapes 25 Kaufman Artisan Batiks Morning Mist18 Kaufman Artisan Batiks Nature's Canvas2 Kaufman Artisan Batiks Northwoods 83 Kaufman Artisan Batiks Pastel Petals 30 Kaufman Artisan Batiks Summer Flowers1 Kaufman Artisan Batiks Summer Zest 26 Kaufman Artisan Batiks Totally Tropical3 Kaufman Artisan Batiks Trucks and Tracks12 Kaufman Artisan Batiks Watercolor Blossoms25 Kaufman Artisan Batiks Welcome To Paradise9 Kaufman Artisan Batiks Winter Sparkle 39 Kaufman Artisan Batiks Wintergreen 18 Kaufman Athena Gauze8 Kaufman Autumn Beauties1 Kaufman Avanti Bemberg Lining7 Kaufman Avery Hill1 Kaufman Axiom Stretch Microfiber Twill1 Kaufman Azula5 Kaufman Bali Ikats Woven12 Kaufman Bandana Poplin12 Kaufman Baskets of Bloom Jersey Knit3 Kaufman Baskets of Bloom Lawn4 Kaufman Baskets Of Blooms19 Kaufman Batiks Coral Reef2 Kaufman Batiks Metallic Northwood3 Kaufman Beach Divas1 Kaufman Bearry Land2 Kaufman Bella Mariposa1 Kaufman Bi Stretch Suiting6 Kaufman Big Sur Canvas19 Kaufman Bounty Of The Season3 Kaufman Breakers Seersucker1 Kaufman Bright Days22 Kaufman Bright Side15 Kaufman Brussels Washer Linen Blend41 Kaufman Brussels Washer Linen Blend Yarn Dyes8 Kaufman Build Bang Boom!4 Kaufman Butter Suede1 Kaufman Cambridge Cotton Lawn5 Kaufman Camo2 Kaufman Camouflage2 Kaufman Campout2 Kaufman Canyon Colored Denim11 Kaufman Carmel Suiting3 Kaufman Carolina 1'' Gingham7 Kaufman Carolina 1/8'' Gingham19 Kaufman Carolina Gingham35 Kaufman Catch of the Day10 Kaufman Chalk and Charcoal 32 Kaufman Chambray24 Kaufman Chambray Union8 Kaufman Chambray Union Stretch1 Kaufman Charlotte c. 18603 Kaufman Checkmate6 Kaufman Cheers1 Kaufman Cheery Blossom 14 Kaufman Chili Smiles5 Kaufman Christmas Jamboree 10 Kaufman Classic Seersucker21 Kaufman Claude Monet2 Kaufman Cloud Cover25 Kaufman Coffee Break4 Kaufman Collection CF25 Kaufman Coral Canyon11 Kaufman Corduroy 14 Wale16 Kaufman Corduroy 21 Wale15 Kaufman Cornucopia Batiks 1 Kaufman Cotton Lawn83 Kaufman Cotton Poplin31 Kaufman Cotton Voile Supreme Wide1 Kaufman Covid Response2 Kaufman Cozy Cotton Flannel18 Kaufman Cozy Outdoors Flannel 18 Kaufman Cuddle Collection1 Kaufman Cuddly Countryside 12 Kaufman Cupro Lux4 Kaufman Dana Jersey Knit10 Kaufman Denim12 Kaufman Denim Junction4 Kaufman Digital Animal Kingdom Jersey Knits6 Kaufman Digital L.O.L. Surprise-Double Feature 4 Kaufman Digital Nature's Wonder 7 Kaufman Digital Sky 3 Kaufman Digitally Printed Panels1 Kaufman Dino-Soar2 Kaufman Dot and Stripe Delights40 Kaufman Down On The Farm11 Kaufman Durango Flannel3 Kaufman Durapel Poplin2 Kaufman Earth Views29 Kaufman Ecovero Aloha Prints7 Kaufman Effervescence12 Kaufman Elizabeth25 Kaufman Enchanted Unicorns4 Kaufman English Garden8 Kaufman Escargot For It!8 Kaufman Essex Linen Blend155 Kaufman Essex Linen Canvas4 Kaufman Essex Linen Canvas Yarn Dyed4 Kaufman Essex Wide Linen Blend4 Kaufman Essex Yarn Dyed Classic Wovens12 Kaufman Essex Yarn Dyed Homespun Linen9 Kaufman Essex Yarn Dyed Linen Blend58 Kaufman Evening Glow 7 Kaufman Everyday Favorites9 Kaufman Express Yourself 8 Kaufman Fabulous Foxes1 Kaufman Fantastic Forest 18 Kaufman Farm To Table 25 Kaufman Festive Beauty 15 Kaufman Fineline Twill7 Kaufman Fiorella5 Kaufman Flamingo Paradise2 Kaufman Flannel Chambray2 Kaufman Flannel Solids30 Kaufman Flowerhouse Basics36 Kaufman Flowerhouse Brightly So 22 Kaufman Flowerhouse Jubilee 24 Kaufman Flowerhouse Lavender Blessings 16 Kaufman Flowerhouse Penelope 4 Kaufman Flowerhouse Scarlet's Garden 7 Kaufman Flowerhouse Serene 24 Kaufman Flowerhouse Sunnyside Farm23 Kaufman Flowerhouse Sunshine 4 Kaufman Flowerhouse Time Well Spent Flannel 14 Kaufman Flowerhouse Wildflowers4 Kaufman Forage1 Kaufman Forest Fellows1 Kaufman French Terry Knits5 Kaufman Frontline Heroes2 Kaufman Fusions3 Kaufman Fusions Brushwork5 Kaufman Galway Indigo Linen1 Kaufman Garden Gloss Cotton Lawn8 Kaufman Gardenia Party1 Kaufman Gilded Denim1 Kaufman Girl Friends1 Kaufman Girl Friends Holiday Party2 Kaufman Girl Power 24 Kaufman Giving Thanks2 Kaufman Gustav Klimt38 Kaufman Handkerchief Linen2 Kaufman Handworks Home16 Kaufman Happy Place1 Kaufman Harbor Stripe6 Kaufman Hello Sleepy 15 Kaufman Hello Sleepy Jersey Knit2 Kaufman Henderson Street16 Kaufman Hidden Canyon2 Kaufman Hidden Canyon Jersey Knit6 Kaufman Holiday Charms56 Kaufman Holiday Flourish1 Kaufman Holiday Flourish 145 Kaufman Holiday Flourish 15 62 Kaufman Holiday Flourish Metallic1 Kaufman Holly Jolly Christmas3 Kaufman Homestead Harvest7 Kaufman Horton Kindness 7 Kaufman House Of Wales Plaids11 Kaufman How The Grinch Stole Christmas12 Kaufman I Spy1 Kaufman Imaginings12 Kaufman Imperial Collection 17 14 Kaufman In The Moonlight18 Kaufman Indigo Denim 10 Oz.1 Kaufman Indigo Denim 6.5 Oz.4 Kaufman Infinity Recycled Heavy Flannel7 Kaufman Inner Faith2 Kaufman Instead1 Kaufman Instruments Of The Hours 8 Kaufman Interweave Chambray2 Kaufman Island Paradise8 Kaufman Jackson Chambray1 Kaufman Jardin Noir 18 Kaufman Jetsetter Twill11 Kaufman Jetty3 Kaufman Jolly Saint Nick1 Kaufman Kashmir Petites Cotton Poplin3 Kaufman Kept2 Kaufman Kiss the Cook3 Kaufman Kitchen Window Wovens18 Kaufman Kitty's Garden1 Kaufman Kobe Twill21 Kaufman Kona Sheen23 Kaufman L.O.L. Surprise 1 Kaufman L.O.L. Surprise-Born 2 Travel6 Kaufman L.O.L. Surprise-Let's Dance 8 Kaufman L.O.L. Surprise-Totally Awesome!7 Kaufman Laguna Cotton Jersey Knit73 Kaufman Laguna Cotton Jersey Knit Prints20 Kaufman Laguna Cotton Jersey Knit Solids12 Kaufman Laurent Stretch Sateen7 Kaufman Lennox Gardens Lawn: Blue2 Kaufman Lennox Gardens Lawn: Garden1 Kaufman Lennox Gardens Lawn: Harvest1 Kaufman Leonardo Da Vinci4 Kaufman Library Of Rarities 5 Kaufman Library of Rarities Christmas1 Kaufman Library of Rarities Wide3 Kaufman Limerick Linen21 Kaufman Linens Palette111 Kaufman Lisbon Brushed Plaid 6 Kaufman Lisbon Brushed/Organic Tartan3 Kaufman Little Pocket8 Kaufman Loire Valley9 Kaufman London Calling Lawn: Blue2 Kaufman London Calling Lawn: Peach1 Kaufman London Calling Lawn: Pink2 Kaufman Lush Velveteen11 Kaufman Luxe Denim1 Kaufman Made in the USA2 Kaufman Magical Rainbow Unicorns1 Kaufman Making Memories1 Kaufman Malibu Poplin3 Kaufman Mammoth Flannel168 Kaufman Mammoth Flannel Solid2 Kaufman Mammoth Flannel Wide11 Kaufman Mammoth Junior Flannel46 Kaufman Mammoth Organic Flannel 9 Kaufman Manchester Metallic5 Kaufman Manchester Yarn Dyed Cotton18 Kaufman Mandalay Performance Knit8 Kaufman Marilyn Monroe2 Kaufman Maxima Poplin1 Kaufman Merry Cheer 17 Kaufman Metallic Natures Harvest 24 Kaufman Metallic Peacock Garden 19 Kaufman Metallic Shades of The Season 12 29 Kaufman Metro Cafe2 Kaufman Midnight Nectar 24 Kaufman Mill Pond1 Kaufman Modern Classics7 Kaufman Moonlight1 Kaufman Moonlight Garden1 Kaufman Morningmoon Fairies7 Kaufman Morningmoon Unicorns1 Kaufman Musings30 Kaufman Nantucket Patchwork6 Kaufman Native Heritage1 Kaufman Natural Blooms2 Kaufman Nature Studies7 Kaufman Nature's Notebook1 Kaufman Nature's Pace19 Kaufman Nature's Pace Wide Sateen2 Kaufman Nature's Wonder1 Kaufman Neon Neppy Chambray3 Kaufman Nirvana Double Gauze11 Kaufman Nirvana Triple Gauze8 Kaufman North American Wildlife2 Kaufman Oh How They Grow1 Kaufman on the Lighter Side1 Kaufman On The Road17 Kaufman Organic Green Style3 Kaufman Organic Mammoth Flannel8 Kaufman Organic Poplin1 Kaufman Paintbox30 Kaufman Painterly Petals59 Kaufman Paisley Prints8 Kaufman Palaka Oxford7 Kaufman Panther Performance Knit1 Kaufman Patina Handpaints Batiks17 Kaufman Patina Handpaints Double Ombre Batik13 Kaufman Patriots6 Kaufman Peacock Garden1 Kaufman Pearl Light26 Kaufman Penelope8 Kaufman Penelope Cotton Lawn2 Kaufman Persis2 Kaufman Petite Garden4 Kaufman Picture This4 Kaufman Planetarium21 Kaufman Plisse Collection7 Kaufman Pokemon 19 Kaufman Poly Poplin1 Kaufman Ponderosa1 Kaufman Porto Flannel21 Kaufman Prehistoric Adventure2 Kaufman Pretty Sweet1 Kaufman Quilter's Linen9 Kaufman Radiance Cotton Silk Satin8 Kaufman Railroad Denim2 Kaufman Ready, Set, Go! Knit2 Kaufman Remix Knit2 Kaufman Renew Performance Knit5 Kaufman River Trout1 Kaufman Roaming Rooster1 Kaufman Rose Lemonade Cotton Lawn4 Kaufman Rose Lemonade Jersey Knit2 Kaufman Santa Cruz Twill8 Kaufman Santa's Woodland Walk 9 Kaufman Savannah Batiste1 Kaufman Savannah Lawn1 Kaufman Science Fair4 Kaufman Science Fair 35 Kaufman Seawool Flannel8 Kaufman Seawool Heavy Flannel Plaid2 Kaufman Seawool Tweed Flannel3 Kaufman Seawool Twill Flannel3 Kaufman Sedona Organic Waffle Pique6 Kaufman Seersucker36 Kaufman Seersucker Coast Prints11 Kaufman Serene Cotton Lawn4 Kaufman Serene Jersey Knits5 Kaufman Seuss Chef6 Kaufman Sevenberry21 Kaufman Sevenberry Baby Basics Double Gauze10 Kaufman Sevenberry Bandana11 Kaufman Sevenberry Camouflage6 Kaufman Sevenberry Campout 3 Kaufman Sevenberry Canvas36 Kaufman Sevenberry Canvas Cotton Flax2 Kaufman Sevenberry Classic Plaids22 Kaufman Sevenberry Classiques11 Kaufman Sevenberry Classiques Chambray10 Kaufman Sevenberry Island Paradise1 Kaufman Sevenberry Kasuri20 Kaufman Sevenberry Ki-Mama 9 Kaufman Sevenberry Petit Sophila 12 Kaufman Sevenberry Petite Basics24 Kaufman Sevenberry Petite Classics7 Kaufman Sevenberry Petite Fleurs10 Kaufman Sevenberry Petite Foulard1 Kaufman Sevenberry Petite Garden21 Kaufman Sevenberry Petite Garden Lawn32 Kaufman Sevenberry Style: Nara47 Kaufman Sevenberry Whiskers And Tails 3 Kaufman Sevenberry Yum Yum 4 Kaufman Sevenberry: Petite Basics Gingham10 Kaufman Sewing Buddies3 Kaufman Sewing Emporium4 Kaufman Shannon Cuddle X Ann Kelle22 Kaufman Shetland Flannel43 Kaufman Shibori Blues4 Kaufman Sienna 16 Kaufman Silverstone29 Kaufman Simple Life2 Kaufman Sky Ombre29 Kaufman Sloth Yoga 1 Kaufman Solid Essex Linen Blend Speckle10 Kaufman Solid Ponte De Roma2 Kaufman Sonic The Hedgehog7 Kaufman Sonoma3 Kaufman Sonoma Vista24 Kaufman Sophia Washed Lawn23 Kaufman Sophia Washed Lawn Solid3 Kaufman Sparkle Ponte De Roma2 Kaufman Splatter2 Kaufman Sports Life 512 Kaufman Spring Promise19 Kaufman Spring Shimmer9 Kaufman Spring Showers1 Kaufman Stars of Light12 Kaufman Style: Classic Ticking Stripe7 Kaufman Sunny Days Pokemon9 Kaufman Sunroom 24 Kaufman Sunset Coast1 Kaufman Sunset Studio Poly Clip Dot Chiffon2 Kaufman Sunset Studio Rayon Crepe16 Kaufman Sunset Studio Rayon Twill2 Kaufman Superfine Twill1 Kaufman Superluxe Poplin4 Kaufman Supreme Stretch Poplin5 Kaufman Sweet Tooth 22 Kaufman Tahoe Flannel Plaids1 Kaufman Taos Flannel Jacquard12 Kaufman Teapot Garden1 Kaufman Tech Rip Stop2 Kaufman Texas In Bloom5 Kaufman The Cat in the Hat1 Kaufman The Gem Collector 12 Kaufman The Last Frontier1 Kaufman The Potted Garden4 Kaufman Topia 1 Kaufman Totally Twilight3 Kaufman Trainers French Terry Knit15 Kaufman Trainers Sweatshirt Fleece10 Kaufman Treasures of Alexandria1 Kaufman Tropical Gardens Aloha Iki7 Kaufman Tropical Vacation1 Kaufman Twill63 Kaufman Typhoon Wax Poplin1 Kaufman Ultima 60 Poplin1 Kaufman Ultra Sateen2 Kaufman Uniform Basics1 Kaufman Urban Zoologie Knit15 Kaufman Urban Zoologie Minis3 Kaufman Vanessa Silky Lawn1 Kaufman Venice31 Kaufman Venice Wide Sateen3 Kaufman Ventana Twill25 Kaufman Vintage Birdwatcher3 Kaufman Vintage Study 13 Kaufman Warehouse District1 Kaufman Water Garden 6 Kaufman Waterford Linen5 Kaufman Weather Report Essex4 Kaufman Welcome To Paradise1 Kaufman Whiskers & Tails3 Kaufman Whiskers and Tails11 Kaufman Wild and Free5 Kaufman Wild Blue11 Kaufman Winter Shimmer 25 Kaufman Winter Visitors1 Kaufman Winter's Grandeur3 Kaufman Winter's Grandeur 82 Kaufman Winter's Grandeur 93 Kaufman Winter's Grandeur Metallic1 Kaufman Wishwell Backdrop Wide 6 Kaufman Wishwell Bloomburst 18 Kaufman Wishwell Boodacious16 Kaufman Wishwell Bright Side Wide1 Kaufman Wishwell Brushy30 Kaufman Wishwell Cheery Blossom11 Kaufman Wishwell Flannel Snow Snuggles 17 Kaufman Wishwell Glow15 Kaufman Wishwell Happy Hilltop 20 Kaufman Wishwell Loose Leaf13 Kaufman Wishwell Patio 17 Kaufman Wishwell Petit14 Kaufman Wishwell Petit Knits2 Kaufman Wishwell Rose Lemonade 19 Kaufman Wishwell Silverstone1 Kaufman Wishwell Songbird14 Kaufman Wishwell Spangled16 Kaufman Wishwell Sweetness16 Kaufman Wishwell Tinsel Town 25 Kaufman Wishwell Weather Report19 Kaufman Wishwell Wild Blue8 Kaufman Wishwell Wildflowers1 Kaufman Wishwell Wilshire Wide Sateen1 Kaufman Worker Chambray4 Kaufman Xanadu Organic Double Gauze8 Kaufman Yuletide Bells3 Kaufman Zanzibar Performance Poly Poplin2 Kaufman Zanzibar Shirting2 Kiss The Cook1 Kona Cotton330 Kona Cotton 2022 Color of The Year 1 Kona Cotton Metallic Solid Sheen 7 Kona Cotton Solids3 Kona Premium1 Kona Premium Muslin3 Kona Wide Quilt Back18 Laminated Cotton2 Linen Blend Fabric23 Linen Blend Shirting23 Marilyn Monroe2 Minky Prints1 Moving on Flames1 Nature Studies7 Nature'S Pace12 North American Wildlife3 Patriots2 Pimatex Solid3 Pique Solids6 Pleasures & Pastimes1 Pokemon2 Ponte De Roma Knit7 Printed Cotton Jersey Knits5 Prisma Dye Batik Fabric21 Quilter's Linen5 Remix2 Robert Kaufman Animal Club10 Robert Kaufman Around the Bend 23 Robert Kaufman Artisan Batiks Sparkle1 Robert Kaufman Artisan Batiks Totally Tropical 4 Robert Kaufman Canvas4 Robert Kaufman Chalk and Charcoal1 Robert Kaufman Chili Smiles Knits9 Robert Kaufman Daisy Made 1 Robert Kaufman Firenze1 Robert Kaufman Flannel Solid3 Robert Kaufman Frida Kahlo4 Robert Kaufman Hemptex Chambray5 Robert Kaufman Hemptex Herringbone5 Robert Kaufman Herringbone Ponte De Roma3 Robert Kaufman Laguna Jersey Knit33 Robert Kaufman Laguna Jersey Knit Prints21 Robert Kaufman Library of Rarities19 Robert Kaufman London Calling48 Robert Kaufman London Calling 1124 Robert Kaufman Mini Madness9 Robert Kaufman Musings23 Robert Kaufman Outback Solid Canvas4 Robert Kaufman Patriots2 Robert Kaufman Perfecto Poplin7 Robert Kaufman Ponte De Roma5 Robert Kaufman Pride1 Robert Kaufman Printed Ponte De Roma1 Robert Kaufman Remix2 Robert Kaufman Sakura Brook Metallic1 Robert Kaufman Sevenberry Nara Homespun4 Robert Kaufman Sevenberry Petite Basics1 Robert Kaufman Shibori Blues2 Robert Kaufman Sports Life7 Robert Kaufman Stargazers8 Robert Kaufman Surrey Meadows1 Robert Kaufman Uncork and Unwind5 Robert Kaufman Whiskers & Tails 2 Robert Kaufman Woven1 Robert Kaufman Yakata7 Salsa Picante4 Science Fair4 Seersucker36 Shannon Digital Minky Cuddle22 Shannon Exclusive Minky3 Shannon Minky Cuddle22 Solid French Terry Knits10 Splatter Wide2 Sports Life 31 Stargazer5 The Cat in the Hat7 The Chef's Choice1 Ticking Stripe7 Urban Zoologie14 Urban Zoologie Cuddle1 Urban Zoologie Cuddle Midnight1 Urban Zoologie Slicker2 Valori Wells Blueprint Basics1 Vineyard1 Vineyard Collection1 Whiskers & Tails3 Widescreen2 Wool Blend Flannel4
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Precut Fabrics and Quilt Kits

Robert Kaufman Fabrics offers an extensive supply of designer cotton prints, novelty fabrics, yarn-dyes and solids, covering a full assortment of woven fabric offerings. From worldly batiks and novelty prints to convenient precuts and rich solids, these versatile fabrics are perfect for awe-inspiring creations with a story to tell.

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