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100% Linen4 9.5 oz. Stretch Denim3 Activewear Solid Knits2 Bamboo Rayon Rib Knit20 Batiste1 Bengaline Suiting4 Brushed Sweater Knit2 Bubble Crepe2 Charmeuse Satin3 Chiffon Prints22 Chiffon Yoryu4 Cotton Dobby2 Cotton Eyelet1 Cotton Lawn19 Cotton Poplin27 Cotton Poplin Prints67 Cotton Poplin Solids5 Cotton Sateen12 Cotton Twill 20 Crepe Back Satin1 Crepe De Chine Prints4 Crepe De Chine Solids4 Crepe Georgette3 Crepe Prints1 Crinkle Gauze1 Designer Chiffon3 Designer Cotton Lawn2 Designer Cotton Voile20 Designer Denim5 Designer Jersey Knit Prints5 Designer Knit4 Designer Scuba Knit5 Designer Sweater Knit4 Double Gauze11 Double Knit Solids10 Duchess Satin2 Faux Fur1 Fleece Prints2 Fleece Solids3 Floral ITY Jersey Knit Prints1 Floral Jersey Knit Prints4 French Terry Knit59 Gabardine Suiting1 Guipure Lace1 Hatchi Sweater Knit Brushed4 Hatchi Sweater Knit Prints4 ITY Jersey Knit Prints6 ITY Jersey Knit Solids6 ITY Knit23 ITY Knit Prints18 Jersey Knit Solids73 Jersey Knit Stripes8 Jersey Knit Yarn Dyed10 Kaufman Vernon Stretch Slub Twill1 Lawn Prints15 Linen Blend Fabric4 Linen Blend Shirting12 Linen Prints3 Luxury Wool Suiting1 Martine1 Matte Jersey Knit4 Mermaid Sequins1 Nylon Jersey Knit3 Pique Knit2 Poly Lycra Jersey Knit4 Poly Single Knit1 Polyester Suiting2 Ponte De Roma Knit3 Poplin Prints89 Rayon Challis Prints9 Rayon Cotton Poplin3 Rayon Crepe7 Rayon Gauze2 Rayon Jersey Knit11 Rayon Twill4 Scalloped Lace2 Scuba Knit9 Sequin Lace1 Solid ITY Stretch Knit4 Solid Satin3 Solid Sweater Knit5 Stretch Bengaline4 Stretch Denim5 Stretch French Terry Knit37 Stretch ITY Knit17 Stretch Poplin2 Stretch Sateen12 Stretch Suiting1 Stretch Velvet27 Suede4 Suiting Fabric1 Sweater Rib Knit5 Sweatshirt Fleece3 Swiss Dot6 Telio #Party Foil & Sequin Novelty Knit1 Telio 21W Stretch Corduroy 1 Telio 2-Way Jersey Knit3 Telio 320 Ponte de Roma Knit10 Telio 3-D Mesh Lace1 Telio Addison Wool Plaid1 Telio Aeriel Foil Knit3 Telio Akita Tweed1 Telio Alicia Sequin Lace1 Telio Allegro 9.5oz Stretch Denim4 Telio Angela Sweater Knit5 Telio Angelina Embroidery Mesh Lace1 Telio Anna Cotton Dobby6 Telio Anna Rib Knit3 Telio Annabeth Embroidered Tulle2 Telio Ashmore Sweater Rib Knit6 Telio Athena Linen1 Telio Avalon Faux Leather3 Telio Avellino Stretch Linen1 Telio Avita Stretch Lace4 Telio Bailey Double Knit1 Telio Bali ITY16 Telio Bali ITY Knit13 Telio Ballad Faux Linen7 Telio Baltic Sateen16 Telio Bamboo Mariner Sweatshirt Fleece3 Telio Bamboo Poplin1 Telio Bamboo Rayon Jersey Knit90 Telio Bamboo Rayon Terry Cloth2 Telio Bamboo Rayon Terry Knits24 Telio Bamboo Rib Knit46 Telio Bamboo Tie Dye Jersey Knit7 Telio Bee Mesh2 Telio Belvedere Cotton Sateen2 Telio Bengaline6 Telio Bengaline Jacquard2 Telio Bess Lace Embroidery1 Telio Bizet Slub Viscose Linen3 Telio Bliss Knit1 Telio Bloom3 Telio Bloom Stretch Cotton Sateen7 Telio Boheme Linen Rayon2 Telio Boiled Wool4 Telio Bonded Sherpa Knit4 Telio Bonnie Boucle3 Telio Bonnie Parker Pinstripe1 Telio Brazil Stretch ITY Jersey Knit26 Telio Broken Twill1 Telio Brushed Hatchi4 Telio Brushed Poly Knit2 Telio Burnout Velvet3 Telio Byzance 2 Telio Cabana Linen Twill1 Telio Cable Knit12 Telio Calisto ITY Knit1 Telio Camellia Lace2 Telio Candy Fuzzy Double Knit3 Telio Cara Polyester Spandex Sweater Knit4 Telio Carolina Stretch Faille4 Telio Cascade Knit3 Telio Catalina Stretch Knit1 Telio Celestine5 Telio Celia Poly Tweed2 Telio Chambray1 Telio Charlie Ruched Rayon Jersey Knit5 Telio Charlie Tweed1 Telio Charlize Dobby Metallic Chiffon1 Telio Charlotte Tweed2 Telio Charm Cotton Voile4 Telio Chenille Novelty Knit1 Telio Chenille Poly Tweed2 Telio Chicago Guipure Lace1 Telio Chichi II Cotton Nylon Stretch Twill3 Telio Chiffon23 Telio Cielo Rib Knit4 Telio Classic Check Metallic Jacquard2 Telio Cloud Bamboo Rayon Brushed Sweatshirt Fleece15 Telio Cloud Bamboo Rib Knit16 Telio Coastal Tweed1 Telio Coco Chiffon1 Telio Coco Sweater Knit3 Telio Coco Tweed1 Telio Coline2 Telio Coline Openwork Sweater Knit2 Telio Colorado Poly Faille4 Telio Constellations Stretch Velvet3 Telio CoolMax Linen Blend1 Telio Coralie Embroidered Lace1 Telio Cosmopolitan Knit1 Telio Cottage Sweater Knit5 Telio Cotton Eyelet Embroidery3 Telio Cotton Gauze3 Telio Cotton Lawn15 Telio Cotton Poplin120 Telio Cotton Twill57 Telio Cotton Voile31 Telio Courtney Sweater Knit11 Telio Cozy Quilt Knit2 Telio Cozy Rayon Rib Knit10 Telio Crepe26 Telio Crepe De Chine10 Telio Crinkle Rayon Crepe3 Telio Crinkle Yoryu7 Telio Cupro Blend Bengaline2 Telio Cupro Tencel Linen3 Telio Curly Cue Boucle4 Telio Daisy Embroidery2 Telio Dakota Stretch Rayon Jersey Knit10 Telio Dali Rayon Poplin5 Telio Damask Mesh Embroidery7 Telio Dazzle Metallic Novelty Knit1 Telio Deandra Denim Twill4 Telio Deedee Knit Jacquard1 Telio Degas Rayon Poplin1 Telio Delphine1 Telio Delta Rayon Poplin1 Telio Denim30 Telio Denim Prints16 Telio Devon Rayon Poplin4 Telio Digital Cotton Lawn17 Telio Digital Linen1 Telio Digital Linen Prints16 Telio Digital Printed Linen30 Telio Digital Ramie2 Telio Disco Faux Sequin6 Telio Dolly Chiffon3 Telio Dome Suede4 Telio Dot Dobby3 Telio Dotted Swiss7 Telio Double Gauze7 Telio Double Gauze Cotton Eyelet Embroidery7 Telio Double Knit9 Telio Double Knit French Fleece6 Telio Drake Sweatshirt Fleece5 Telio Duchesse Poly Satin3 Telio EcoVero Viscose Gauze1 Telio Elise Embroidered Chantilly Lace2 Telio Embroidered Chambray1 Telio Embroidery Lace7 Telio Enso Silky Swim Knit2 Telio Everly Poly Twill1 Telio Ezio1 Telio Faille Plisse2 Telio Faux Wool1 Telio Flashdance Mermaid Sequins1 Telio Flora Stretch Rayon Challis10 Telio Florence Linen5 Telio Foiled Knit4 Telio Fontaine Cotton Poplin2 Telio Foxy Poly Mix 1 Telio Frances Plaid Rayon Twill3 Telio French Terry Knit50 Telio Friese Knit2 Telio Garance Rayon Challis Slub2 Telio Gatsby Mesh Art Deco3 Telio Gilly Mesh1 Telio Glen Wool Blend Check1 Telio Gold Touch Yoryu Chiffon2 Telio Grove Coating16 Telio Haikou Stretch Velvet19 Telio Helena4 Telio Hemp Jersey Knits3 Telio Herringbone Faux Fur2 Telio Hibiki Brocade1 Telio High Low Knits1 Telio Horsehair Organza3 Telio Houndstooth Brushed Tweed2 Telio Houndstooth Stretch Jacquard Knit7 Telio Ivana Embroidered Lace3 Telio Jacquard Knit6 Telio Jacquard Sateen1 Telio Jersey Knit Prints6 Telio Jockey Ponte Knit2 Telio Johanna1 Telio Juliette Cotton Voile1 Telio Kahlo Slub Rayon Challis4 Telio Kahlua Slub Rayon Challis3 Telio Karma Brushed Sweater Knit3 Telio Karma Sweater Knit2 Telio Kaya Rayon Challis5 Telio Knit Knack Brushed Sweater Knit4 Telio Knit Velvet Fur Print1 Telio Koko Brushed Hatchi Sweater Knit3 Telio Koko Crepe Georgette2 Telio Koko Pebble Crepe Georgette4 Telio Koko Pebble Satin Crepe2 Telio Koko Pique Knit2 Telio Koko Satin Charmeuse1 Telio Koko Velvet Knit8 Telio Lainey Rayon Cotton Flannel3 Telio Laure Cotton Knit5 Telio Laurent Jacquard1 Telio Lazer Cut Chiffon1 Telio Lili Crepe De Chine1 Telio Linen20 Telio Linen Rayon6 Telio Lino Stretch Woven Suiting3 Telio London Mesh1 Telio Lorenzo Linen Blend1 Telio Louise Hatchi Sweater Knit3 Telio Lucca Sweater Knit7 Telio Lucille Sequined Floral Embroidery3 Telio Luxe Large Organic Waffle Woven1 Telio Lyocell Twill2 Telio Madison Linen1 Telio Madura Rayon Faille2 Telio Mage Polka Dot Flocked Poly Chiffon6 Telio Majestic Sequin Embroidered Mesh1 Telio Malia ITY Knit3 Telio Marbella Stretch Poly Crepe4 Telio Marina Linen Blend4 Telio Marina Mesh1 Telio Marisol Satin3 Telio Marlow Denim2 Telio Marni Scuba Knit1 Telio Matte Chiffon Mesh5 Telio Matti4 Telio Maxime Twill2 Telio Maxime Yarn Dyed Stretch Woven Suiting 2 Telio Medina Stretch Poplin1 Telio Melange Double Knit6 Telio Melissa Mesh Lace1 Telio Mercury Cotton Linen Shirting1 Telio Merino Wool Jersey Knit9 Telio Mesh Pinstripe1 Telio Mesh Sequin12 Telio Mesh Velvet1 Telio Metallica1 Telio Mia ITY4 Telio Mia Slub Jersey Knit1 Telio Micromodal Stretch Jersey Knit4 Telio Mika Crepe De Chine2 Telio Milo Novelty Stretch Cable Knit1 Telio Mimosa Crepe1 Telio Mimosa Poly Air Flow Crepe1 Telio Minerva Cotton Stretch Poplin6 Telio Mini Cable Knit3 Telio Mini Noil Challis5 Telio Mini Quilt Knit Jaquard1 Telio Miro Rayon Crepe De Chine15 Telio Misora Crepe10 Telio Mistral Linen3 Telio Misty Slub Knit3 Telio Miyuki3 Telio Mod Stretch Mesh2 Telio Moda Crepe3 Telio Modal Bamboo5 Telio Modal Scuba Knit4 Telio Modal Twill1 Telio Mojave Polyester Crepe5 Telio Mojito Slub Linen Look5 Telio Montana Sweater Knit1 Telio Montana Vegan Leather4 Telio Montgomery Stretch Bengaline1 Telio Morocco Blues Stretch Poplin3 Telio Norfolk Brushed Woven Coating2 Telio Novelty Metallic Rib Knit1 Telio Olympia Stretch Twill3 Telio Omega Hatchi Sweater Knit7 Telio Ophelie Openwork Sweater Knit2 Telio Oprah2 Telio Organic Cotton Double Knit1 Telio Organic Cotton Hemp Sweatshirt Fleece5 Telio Organic Cotton Interlock Knit8 Telio Organic Cotton Jersey Knit17 Telio Organic Cotton Sateen2 Telio Organic Cotton Slub Jersey Knit8 Telio Organic Cotton Spandex Melange Jersey Knit 2 Telio Organic Cotton Tencel French Terry9 Telio Organic Hemp Chambray2 Telio Organic Melange Cotton Jersey Knit1 Telio Organic Stretch Cotton Jersey Knit1 Telio Organic Water Repellent Cotton Hemp Twill19 Telio Ottoman Knits2 Telio Pandora Rayon Poplin71 Telio Paola Pique Knit30 Telio Parallele Jacquard Stripe1 Telio Paris Ponte De Roma2 Telio Parker II Suiting3 Telio Parker Suiting4 Telio Patty Stretch Twill Suiting1 Telio Pebble Crepe2 Telio Penny Ponte Knit1 Telio Perfection Fused Leather10 Telio Perla Stretch Jersey Knit26 Telio Pinwheel Novelty Jacquard Knit1 Telio Piper Linen Cotton Blend2 Telio Playday107 Telio Playtime Cotton Poplin2 Telio Pleated Knit9 Telio Pleats Novelty Knit5 Telio Plumes Sweater Knit4 Telio Pluto Linen Blend Print15 Telio Poema Linen9 Telio Poly Rib Knit9 Telio Polyester Crepe14 Telio Pom Pom Felted Poly Acrylic Coating1 Telio Ponte De Roma Knits9 Telio Ponte Fleece Knit1 Telio Ponte Knits10 Telio Ponte Leggero Knit5 Telio Ponte Stretch Knit4 Telio Ponza Wide Width Linen5 Telio Pride Poplin6 Telio Primrose Burnout 2 Telio Puffer5 Telio Quilted Knit1 Telio Ramie Cotton Twill1 Telio Rayon Bamboo French Terry Knit37 Telio Rayon Blend French Terry14 Telio Rayon Cotton Dream Sweatshirt Fleece7 Telio Rayon Crepe Print8 Telio Rayon Jersey Knit4 Telio Rayon Poplin3 Telio Rayon Twill20 Telio Rayon Voile18 Telio Reflection Hatchi Knit1 Telio Repreve Recycled Denim4 Telio Reveries Cotton Eyelet1 Telio Rib Knit5 Telio Riga Rib Knit1 Telio Robin Cotton Eyelet3 Telio Robin Crepe de Chine1 Telio Robin Faille1 Telio Roma Linen16 Telio Romi Rib Knit4 Telio Romi Sand Wash Cotton Poplin4 Telio Roselina Faille1 Telio Rosella Crepe13 Telio Roxanne Faux Leather Knit9 Telio Royal Organic Waffle4 Telio Sally Linen Blend1 Telio Sandwash Pique Knit8 Telio Sandwashed Cupro Yoryu2 Telio Sandwashed Japanese Cupro4 Telio Santa Barbara Rayon Twill3 Telio Santorini2 Telio Satin Organza5 Telio Scuba Knits5 Telio Scuba Neoprene Knit1 Telio Scuba Shine Knit1 Telio Sealskin Velvet1 Telio Seattle Nylon2 Telio Selah Cotton Voile1 Telio Selena Rayon Challis27 Telio Selwyn Stretch Gabardine1 Telio Sencha Rayon Challis Stripe1 Telio Sequin Faille1 Telio Shaggy Faux Fur1 Telio Shamar Tri-Acetate Duchess Satin2 Telio Shimmer Pleated Knit2 Telio Shiso Poplin1 Telio Silk Charmeuse1 Telio Silk Organza12 Telio Silk Suiting6 Telio Silky Chiffon1 Telio Silky Light Weight Satin 1 Telio Silky Noil Washed Viscose Linen Slub35 Telio Slinky Jersey Knit2 Telio Slub Linen1 Telio Softique Rayon Jersey Knit23 Telio Soho Faux Suede6 Telio Soho Suede1 Telio Sola Sweater Knit4 Telio Solid Misora Crepe De Chine9 Telio Sophie Mesh Sequin2 Telio Sorrento Linen2 Telio Sparkle2 Telio Splendid French Terry Knit1 Telio Splendid Knit3 Telio Splendid Rib Sweater Knit2 Telio St James Double Knit 1 Telio Stacy Jacquard1 Telio Stretch Bamboo Rayon Jersey Knit4 Telio Stretch Crepe12 Telio Stretch Denim3 Telio Stretch Double Weave Suiting5 Telio Stretch Jersey Knit9 Telio Stretch Knit2 Telio Stretch Mesh6 Telio Stretch Nylon Shaper Mesh11 Telio Stretch Nylon Viscose Bengaline6 Telio Stretch Poly Twill15 Telio Stretch Ramie2 Telio Style: Lava Linen5 Telio Suiting5 Telio Sumatra Rayon Crepe1 Telio Supreme Lace1 Telio Sweater Knit16 Telio Swiss Dot8 Telio Tahari Stretch Satin9 Telio Talia Sweater Knit1 Telio Tallulah Linen Cotton Blend2 Telio Tartan Plaid Faux Wool1 Telio Tencel Denim4 Telio Tencel Pique Woven3 Telio Tencel Twill25 Telio Tony Sweater Knit6 Telio Topaz Hatchi Knit20 Telio Trillium Twill3 Telio Tuscany Pinstripe Linen2 Telio Tweed12 Telio Tweed Metallic6 Telio Twill7 Telio Ultrasoft Rayon Cotton Poplin3 Telio Umbria Linen1 Telio Valerie4 Telio Van Gogh Rayon Twill2 Telio Vancouver Water Resistant Nylon2 Telio Vangogh Rayon Twill1 Telio Vegan Butter Leather2 Telio Velvet Knit15 Telio Venus Cotton Rayon Voile10 Telio Verona Voile5 Telio Veronica Lace4 Telio Vichy Ponte1 Telio Vienna Linen15 Telio Viscose Batiste8 Telio Viscose Crepe20 Telio Viscose Denim1 Telio Viscose Dobby5 Telio Viscose Jersey Knit3 Telio Viscose Mix Twill2 Telio Viscose Rayon Challis3 Telio Viscose Satin1 Telio Viscose Twill4 Telio Viscose Voile1 Telio Waffle Woven Cotton6 Telio Woodlands4 Telio Woodlands Wool Blend Coating2 Telio Wool Blend Coating3 Telio Wool Blend Melton8 Telio Wool Suiting1 Telio Xanna Floral Lace1 Telio Yarn Dyed Ponte3 Telio Yarn Dyed Stretch Bengaline Jacquard2 Telio Yarn Dyed Tweed3 Telio Yoga Knit1 Telio Yoshiko Viscose Broken Twill1 Telio Zoe Chiffon5 Tencel Twill12 Viscose Crepe29 Viscose Rayon Voile1 Voile Prints1 Wool Blend Coating4 Wool Coating1 Wool Suiting1 Yarn Dyed Woven3 Yoryu Chiffon4
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Télio has been the go-to brand for nearly 60 years for fashion-forward sewists. Their quality is unmatched and they have mastered the delicate balance between classic prints and trendy, modern designs. Télio brings your sketches to life with quality, gorgeous apparel fabrics you will love!

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