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check120'' Wide Poly Sheer3 check2 Ply Taslan5 check2 Sided Double Knit1 check54'' Diamond Netting2 checkAce Jacquard Knit1 checkAdore Jacquard Knit1 checkAdorn-it Cuddle Collection2 checkAlexa Crepe2 checkAlexis Luxe Snuggle1 checkAll American Interlock Knit1 checkAlova Tricot Knit Costume Suede3 checkAmalfi Stretch Cotton2 checkAmanda Polyester Shirting10 checkAmanda Stretch Sweater Knit4 checkAmbiance Bemberg Lining1 checkAmy Butler Hapi Linen1 checkAmy Butler Hapi Voile1 checkAndover Chambray8 checkAngel Wings Organza4 checkAngry Birds7 checkAngry Birds Fleece7 checkAnimal Cuddle1 checkAnna Maria Horner Pretty Potent6 checkArgentella Lace5 checkArianne Stretch Slub Jersey Knit1 checkAruba Faille2 checkAruba Micro Jacquard Shirting1 checkAvelon Stretch Lace1 checkBaby Pincord Shirting27 checkBaby Waffle Pique6 checkBamboo Rayon Terry Knits1 checkBarcelona Stretch Satin1 checkBartow Andes Wovens2 checkBartow Cotton Wovens6 checkBartow Umbrella Stripe Wovens4 checkBartow Woven3 checkBatiste1 checkBedford Cord2 checkBelvedere Cotton Sateen3 checkBengaline Suiting2 checkBermuda Stretch Pique3 checkBetty Jacquard3 checkBloom Stretch Cotton Sateen5 checkBlossom Chiffon1 checkBohemian Stretch ITY Jersey Knit1 checkBorn To Be Wild Cuddle5 checkBouquet Netting1 checkBoutique Peachskin7 checkBoys Rock Fleece1 checkBrazil Stretch ITY Jersey Knit3 checkBridal Satin5 checkCamellia Lace2 checkCandy Jacquard2 checkCaressa Luxe Snuggle1 checkChambray Shirting11 checkChevrons & Zig Zags Cuddle3 checkChina Silk Polyester Lining2 checkChinchilla Faux Fur Collection3 checkCimmaron Yarn Dyed Shirting1 checkClergy Brocade4 checkCloud 9 Revelry Organic1 checkCoating Fabric1 checkCoca Cola Fleece1 checkColorado Shirting2 checkComfy Double Napped Flannel3 checkComo Jacquard Knit1 checkCorduroy Fine Wale13 checkCostume Satin2 checkCrazy For Daisies Cuddle1 checkCreased Taffeta12 checkCreme Fraiche Shirting32 checkCrepe Back Satin2 checkCrepe De Chine Prints1 checkCrepe De Chine Solids1 checkCrepe Georgette2 checkCrochet Lace1 checkCrossroads Denim1 checkCrushed Chiffon1 checkCrushed Panne Velour Velvet1 checkCrushed Taffeta5 checkCuddle 31 checkCuddle Classics7 checkCuddle Kits5 checkCuddle Prints7 checkCynthia Rowley Oh Baby Charmeuse Satin4 checkCynthia Rowley Oh Baby Cozy1 checkDakota Stretch Rayon Jersey Knit5 checkDana Brooks Cuddle Collection3 checkDebutante Stretch Satin4 checkDesigner Knit11 checkDesigner Lace2 checkDiamond Stretch Velvet2 checkDiaper Cloth6 checkDisney3 checkDisney Fleece3 checkDisney Monsters Inc2 checkDisney Sofia The First1 checkDisney Winnie The Pooh1 checkDistressed Heather Pique Knit1 checkDoily Lace1 checkDouble Cloth Knit1 checkDouble Gauze1 checkDupioni Silk1 checkEmbroidered Corduroy10 checkEmbroidered Seersucker2 checkEmbroidered Yarn Dyed Plaid Shirting1 checkEssence Knit2 checkEyelet8 checkFaille Back Satin1 checkFaille Prints2 checkFairy Dust Organza1 checkFaux Fur Fabric19 checkFaux Suede Tricot2 checkFaux Wool Sweater Knit3 checkFine Gauge Shadow Stripe Knit4 checkFleece Novelty Prints5 checkFleece Solids3 checkFlutter Peachskin1 checkFun Shag Faux Fur3 checkGabardine Shirting4 checkGangster Stripe Suiting1 checkGraphite Knit1 checkHarlequin Stretch Cotton Sateen1 checkHarlow Jacquard Shirting1 checkHarmony Jacquard Knit4 checkHatchi Knit Heathered4 checkHatchi Sweater Knit Prints6 checkHatchi Sweater Knit Yarn Dyes16 checkHatchi Sweater Rib Knit1 checkHavana Knit2 checkHeathered Polyester Shirting12 checkHoliday Blitz7 checkHolly Jacquard Knit1 checkHome Decor Faux Fur5 checkIbiko Jersey Knit1 checkImperial Batiste1 checkImperial Broadcloth 60''15 checkImperial Micro Check1 checkImperial Nassau Seersucker1 checkImperial Poplin2 checkImperial Seersucker1 checkIsabella Satin2 checkIsland Batik Rayon Batik2 checkITY Jersey Knit Prints10 checkITY Jersey Knit Solids2 checkJersey Knit Heather8 checkJersey Knit Prints14 checkJersey Knit Solids23 checkJersey Knit Tri Blends8 checkJersey Knit Yarn Dyes28 checkJuliana Stretch Chiffon2 checkJumbo Cuddle1 checkJungle Tales Minky Cuddle2 checkJungle Tales Watermelon Cuddle1 checkJunior Cord Shirting9 checkKaufman Axiom Stretch Microfiber Twill3 checkKaufman Bi Stretch Suiting1 checkKaufman Bisou Stretch Pique1 checkKaufman Camouflage Jacquard1 checkKaufman Career Oxford8 checkKaufman Career Oxford Yarn Dyes8 checkKaufman Carmel Suiting1 checkKaufman Casablanca Shirting10 checkKaufman Chambray3 checkKaufman Chambray Jacquard1 checkKaufman Classic Threads8 checkKaufman Cool Cords11 checkKaufman Denim1 checkKaufman Elementree2 checkKaufman Flannel Solids1 checkKaufman Imperial Stretch Shirting3 checkKaufman Interweave Chambray2 checkKaufman Junior Pincord2 checkKaufman London Calling Lawn1 checkKaufman London Calling Lawn: Pink1 checkKaufman Maxima Poplin6 checkKaufman Montauk Twill1 checkKaufman Oxford2 checkKaufman Pinpoint Oxford4 checkKaufman Pinpoint Oxford Stretch1 checkKaufman Raw and Very Refined6 checkKaufman Rebecca Embroideries10 checkKaufman Rebecca Embroideries Deluxe2 checkKaufman Rick Rack and Ribbons Lawn3 checkKaufman San Remo Suiting1 checkKaufman Serape Stripes4 checkKaufman Serape Stripes Deluxe3 checkKaufman Stretch Vera Sateen2 checkKaufman Sweet Lady Jane Jacquard1 checkKaufman Tahitian Nights Poplin2 checkKaufman Triumph Poplin14 checkKaufman Tropical Poplin4 checkKaufman Tuscany Wide Poplin6 checkKaufman Twill10 checkKaufman Ultima 60 Poplin8 checkKaufman Ultima Micro Poplin1 checkKaufman Ultima Poplin1 checkKaufman Ultra Sateen1 checkKaufman Uniform Basics45 checkKaufman Ventura Microfiber Twill6 checkKaufman Vintage Draper Denim1 checkKaufman Zanzibar Shirting10 checkKenzie Lace2 checkKokka Bedtime Stories1 checkKokka Trefle2 checkKokka Trefle Canvas1 checkKoshibo Crepe De Chine1 checkKoshibo Prints2 checkKozy Cuddle Collection1 checkLace Prints4 checkLattice Quilted Knit1 checkLiberty of London Argyll Swim Twill2 checkLiberty Of London Carnaby Jersey Knit1 checkLiberty of London City Poplin5 checkLiberty Of London Crepe2 checkLiberty Of London Dufour Jersey Knit1 checkLiberty Of London Lantana Gabardine2 checkLiberty Of London Linford Fleece2 checkLiberty of London Murray Loopback Terry Knit1 checkLiberty Of London Rossmore Corduroy2 checkLiberty Of London Saville Poplin9 checkLiberty of London Silk Twill1 checkLiberty Of London Tana Lawn7 checkLiberty of London Torrington Silk Crepe3 checkLima Sweater Knit1 checkLinaire Linen Look1 checkLinen Look Jersey Knit3 checkLinen Look Prints4 checkLinen Prints1 checkLiquid Glitz Single Knit2 checkLoft Jacquard5 checkLuxe Cuddle Collection6 checkLuxe Cuddle Print Collection1 checkLuxury Faux Fur5 checkLyric Crinkle Polyester Shirting14 checkM & M's1 checkMar Bella Cuddle Collection2 checkMar Bella Olivia Cuddle2 checkMatisse Crepe1 checkMaverick Faux Leather1 checkMaya Stretch ITY Jersey Knit1 checkMesh Burnout3 checkMetallic Brocade2 checkMetallic Shot Cotton2 checkMi Amor Duchess Satin7 checkMichael Miller Cozy2 checkMichael Miller Lattice Eyelet2 checkMicrosuede Knit2 checkMilestone 7 oz. Twill2 checkMini Stripe Cuddle2 checkMinky Diamonds & Dots1 checkMinky Hound Dog2 checkMinky Houndstooth4 checkMinky Hytail Chevron2 checkMinky Minnie Dots2 checkMinky Moroccan Tile2 checkMinky Prints19 checkMinky Vanessa Snuggle2 checkMirella Crepe2 checkMisty Stretch Ity Slub Jersey Knit2 checkMlb Fleece1 checkMod Dot Cuddle2 checkModa Crepe2 checkMoisture Wicking Diamond Knit5 checkMonet Rayon Sateen1 checkMonster High1 checkMorocco Blues Stretch Poplin6 checkMystere Lace2 checkNested Owls Cuddle1 checkNewcastle Fleece Prints2 checkNickelodeon Dora The Explorer1 checkNo Sew Fleece Throw Kits7 checkNovelty Sweater Knit9 checkNylon Crinkle Cloth1 checkOne Direction Fleece1 checkOnion Skin Knit1 checkOnion Skin Striped Jersey Knit2 checkOnyx Collection6 checkOnyx Hatchi Knit1 checkOnyx Knit1 checkOoga Booga3 checkOoga Booga Minky1 checkOoh La La Cuddle1 checkOpen Weave Sweater Knit9 checkOxford22 checkParis Poplin1 checkPeaches & Creme Solid Yarn1 checkPebble Jacquard Crepe4 checkPermanent Press Twill1 checkPernilla's Journey1 checkPetals Netting3 checkPhiladelphia Phillies1 checkPicasso Rayon Poplin4 checkPima Check Classics16 checkPima Cotton Wale Pique2 checkPima Petticoat Batiste2 checkPique Solids4 checkPixie Knit2 checkPlayful Jacquard3 checkPlisse Single Knit3 checkPlush Coral Fleece5 checkPointelle Knit2 checkPointelle Sweater Knit1 checkPoly Charmeuse Satin4 checkPoly Rayon Linen Look1 checkPolyester Dress Crepe1 checkPolyester Lining3 checkPon Te Am Scuba Knit1 checkPongee Lining1 checkPonte Knit2 checkPortland Challis1 checkPower Poplin7 checkPrada Twill5 checkPretty Potent Interlock Knit2 checkPretty Potent Rayon Challis1 checkPretty Potent Voile3 checkPrincess Shantung1 checkPul (Polyurethane Laminate)2 checkQuill By Valori Wells1 checkQuill Cotton Interlock Knit1 checkQuilted Knit3 checkRaw Silk1 checkRayon French Terry Knits1 checkRayon Voile1 checkRib Knit Tri Blends2 checkRichloom Style: Ribbon Stripe1 checkRipple Knit2 checkRipple Lace2 checkRiver Knit2 checkRobin Crepe4 checkRosette Satin2 checkRuffle Lace1 checkSafari Faux Fur Fabric2 checkSafari Tulle1 checkSanded/Brushed Twill4 checkSanta Barbara Linen Look5 checkSatin Batiste2 checkScalloped Lace4 checkSchool Uniform Plaid1 checkScout Collection Jersey Knit1 checkScuba Reef Knit1 checkSeaside Lace3 checkSeersucker5 checkSequin Mesh1 checkSerge Fabric7 checkShantung1 checkShantung Sateen1 checkShimmer Organza5 checkShimmer Ponte de Roma Knit2 checkShiny Tulle1 checkSienna Knit1 checkSkinny Dip Satin Pique2 checkSkyscraper Knit1 checkSlipper Satin1 checkSnow Days Cuddle3 checkSoft Crush Crepe De Chine1 checkSoft Cuddle Dynasty1 checkSoft Cuddle Stone1 checkSoft Cuddle Ziggy1 checkSoho Stretch Twill1 checkSoho Suede2 checkSophia Double Knit2 checkSorrento Linen1 checkSouthwest 21 checkSpa Terry Velour1 checkSpade Jacquard Knit2 checkSpandex Stretch Illusion Shaper Mesh4 checkSparkle Sweater Knit12 checkSplendid Jersey Knit1 checkSpotlight Spandex Power Mesh4 checkSt. James Double Knit 1 checkStar Struck Embellished Organza3 checkStretch Docker Twill3 checkStretch Mini Ruffle Lace3 checkStretch Satin Organza6 checkStretch Sheen Sateen3 checkSuiting Fabric1 checkSunwashed Chambray3 checkSupreme Lace4 checkSutton Suede2 checkSweater Rib Knit4 checkSweatshirt Fleece2 checkSydney Crepe Knit4 checkTaffeta2 checkTarget Twil2 checkTeam Spirit2 checkTempo2 checkTemptation Embossed Metallic Knit1 checkTextile Creations Camouflage1 checkTextile Creations Fleece1 checkThermal Knit1 checkTissue Hatchi Knit17 checkTissue Jersey Knit3 checkTissue Lame5 checkTissue Sweater Knit2 checkTopaz Hatchi Knit1 checkTricot1 checkTrue Timber Broadcloth1 checkT-shirt Jersey Animal Knits2 checkTurbo1 checkTwo Tone Chiffon1 checkTwo Tone Taffeta2 checkUltra Stretch Rayon Blend Shirting2 checkUrban Zoology Cuddle Cherry2 checkUtopia Knit4 checkValiant Embroidered Chenille Time1 checkVarsity Hatchi Knit1 checkVenice Stretch ITY Jersey Knit1 checkVersace Faux Leather1 checkVine Cuddle1 checkViscose Twill2 checkViva Hatchi Sweater Knit3 checkWaffle Knit1 checkWhisper Coral Fleece4 checkWhisper Poplin9 checkWhite Collection Knit1 checkWindsor Poplin7 checkWool Melton2 checkWool Suiting1 checkXanadu Uniform Shirting19 checkYarn Dyed Shirting3 checkZebra Cuddle1
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Stretch Bamboo Rayon Mariner Jersey Knit Stripe Maroon/Off
Stretch Bamboo Rayon Mariner Jersey Knit Stripe Maroon/Off
This stretch bamboo rayon jersey knit fabric has an ultra soft hand, a fluid drape and about 50% four way ...
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Stretch Bamboo Rayon Mariner Jersey Knit Stripe Maroon/Off

Description: This stretch bamboo rayon jersey knit fabric has an ultra soft hand, a fluid drape and about 50% four way stretch. This versatile fabric is perfect for creating stylish tops, tanks, lounge wear, gathered skirts and fuller dresses with a ...

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Designer Slub Rayon Jersey Knit Stripes Purple/Blue
Designer Slub Rayon Jersey Knit Stripes Purple/Blue
This soft jersey knit fabric is perfect for creating T-shirts, tops and more. It features a soft hand, nice drape ...
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close Designer Slub Rayon Jersey Knit Stripes Purple/Blue
Designer Slub Rayon Jersey Knit Stripes Purple/Blue

Description: This soft jersey knit fabric is perfect for creating T-shirts, tops and more. It features a soft hand, nice drape and 25% stretch across the grain. Colors include printed stripes of beige, white, navy and violet purple.

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Designer Slub Rayon Jersey Knit Stripes Coral/Blue/White
Designer Slub Rayon Jersey Knit Stripes Coral/Blue/White
This slub rayon jersey knit is perfect for creating stylish tops, tanks, loungewear and T-shirts. It features an ultra soft ...
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close Designer Slub Rayon Jersey Knit Stripes Coral/Blue/White
Designer Slub Rayon Jersey Knit Stripes Coral/Blue/White

Description: This slub rayon jersey knit is perfect for creating stylish tops, tanks, loungewear and T-shirts. It features an ultra soft hand, lovely fluid drape and 40% stretch across the grain.

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