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100% Polyester Crafts

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check1" Diamond Stitch Faux Linen Ribbon2 check1.5" Offray Antonia1 check1.5" Offray Avalane1 check1.5" Offray Duchesse Satin1 check2 /14'' Etta Metallic Fringe1 check2'' Sharlene Loop Chainette Fringe2 check2" Woven Web Ribbon1 check5/8" Adhesive Rosette Flower Ribbon1 check54" Polyester Tulle 40 Yards2 check72'' Rainbow Felt29 checkAbigail Victorian Lace Fringe Trim4 checkBernat Velvet5 checkBosal Bag Bottoms2 checkBy the Bolt and By the Roll Fabrics4 checkChainette Fringe5 checkClassic Leaves Ribbon2 checkCrayola: Crayola Creativity Smock W/Long Sleeves1 checkDisney7 checkDisney Mickey Mouse3 checkDisney Minnie Mouse4 checkDisney Ribbon7 checkDr. Seuss4 checkEmbroidered Appliques2 checkEuropatex Style: Avola4 checkEuropatex Style: Calypso27 checkEuropatex Style: Cheetah1 checkEuropatex Style: Crest10 checkEuropatex Style: Dainty40 checkEuropatex Style: Dimension7 checkEuropatex Style: Hannah2 checkEuropatex Style: Huanta7 checkEuropatex Style: Jieda3 checkEuropatex Style: Kiel8 checkEuropatex Style: Lybeko42 checkEuropatex Style: Mainz11 checkEuropatex Style: Majestic28 checkEuropatex Style: Milazzo6 checkEuropatex Style: Niscemi6 checkEuropatex Style: Noto4 checkEuropatex Style: Ovada8 checkEuropatex Style: Pachino6 checkEuropatex Style: Paesana3 checkEuropatex Style: Pori5 checkEuropatex Style: Roamn Key11 checkEuropatex Style: Sion11 checkEuropatex Style: Siracusa5 checkEuropatex Style: Symphony8 checkEuropatex Style: Tromello4 checkEuropatex Style: Turku4 checkEuropatex Style: Vaduz9 checkEuropatex Style: Vercelli3 checkEuropatex: Designer's Choice69 checkEuropatex: Helsinki16 checkEuropatex: Roman Key11 checkEuropatex: San Maino31 checkEuropatex: Tapes Galore60 checkExpo International Style: 54" Daisy Flocked Tulle Fabric - 10 Yard Bolt1 checkExpo International Style: 10 Yards Of Pippa Eyelash Fringe Trim 1 checkExpo International Style: 6" Chevron Zig Zag Printed Tulle Spool Of 10 Yards6 checkExpo International Style: 6" Jumbo Polka Dot Tulle Spool Of 10 Yards8 checkExpo International Style: Daisy Flocked 6" Tulle Spool Of 10 Yards2 checkExpo International Style: Glitter Tulle Spool 6" X 10 Yards8 checkExpo International Style: Pippa Eyelash Fringe Trim 1 checkExpo International Style: Shiny 6" Tulle Spool Of 100 Yards8 checkExpo International Style: Shiny 6" Tulle Spool Of 25 Yards25 checkExpo International Style: Zebra Print 6" Tulle Spool Of 10 Yards5 checkExpo International: Expo Shiny Tulle 6" Wide 25yd Spool23 checkFabricut Style: Anton1 checkFabricut Style: Carob3 checkFabricut Style: Ketch4 checkFairfield Batting1 checkFusible Interfacing2 checkHow The Grinch Stole Christmas1 checkJacquard iDye Poly Synthetic Dye2 checkKreinik: Bag O' Bits Metallic Thread 11g1 checkKreinik: Kreinik Blending Filament 1-Ply 55yd1 checkKreinik: Kreinik Heavy Metallic Braid #32 5.5yd1 checkKreinik: Kreinik Metallic Cord 1-Ply 55yd1 checkKreinik: Kreinik Metallic Tapestry Braid #12 11yd2 checkKreinik: Kreinik Reflective Thread 25yd1 checkKreinik: Kreinik Very Fine Metallic Braid #4 12yd2 checkKreinik: Kreinik Very Fine Metallic Corded Braid #4 12yd2 checkKunin Felt Packs63 checkKunin: Rainbow Classic Felt 36" Wide 20yd5 checkKunin: Rainbow Classic Felt 72" Wide 10yd3 checkKunin: Rainbow Classic Felt 72" Wide 20 Yards12 checkKunin: Rainbow Classic Felt 9"x12" 12/Pkg2 checkLace Trim4 checkLamode Lovelabels5 checkLion Ribbon Grosgrain Ribbon25 checkOffray Ribbon by the Roll5 checkOffray Satin Ribbon11 checkOffray: Offray Bow Genius Bow Maker1 checkPellon Perfect Loft Fiber Fill1 checkPellon: Pellon Knit-N-Stable Tape1 checkPellon: Pellon Wonder-Under Fusible Web1 checkPellon: Pellon Wonder-Under Fusible Web Heavy-Duty1 checkPellon: Pellon Wonder-Under Paper-Backed Fusible Tape1 checkPellon: Pellonwonder-Web Fusible Tape1 checkPhotorealism Wall Decor1 checkPlush Felt3 checkRichlin Fabrics: Tablecloth Poplin1 checkRichlin Fabrics: True Timber® Camouflage4 checkThe Cat In The Hat2 checkThe Cat In The Hat 22 checkThermoweb: Thermoweb Heatnbond Ez-Print Lite Iron-On Adhesive1 checkThermoweb: Thermoweb Heatnbond Hem Iron-On Adhesive1 checkThermoweb: Thermoweb Heatnbond Lite Iron-On Adhesive1 checkThermoweb: Thermoweb Heatnbond Lite Soft Stretch Iron-On Adhesive1 checkThermoweb: Thermoweb Heatnbond Ultra Hold Iron-On Adhesive1 checkTrend Style: 017417 checkTrend Style: 017431 checkTrend Style: 0174410 checkTrend Style: 026512 checkTrend Style: 0286722 checkTrivantage Flat Elastic Braid2 checkTulle Spools2 checkUniversal Despicable Me1 checkWrights: Simplicity Lanyard Cord .375"x24yd1 checkWrights: Wrights Iron-On Hem Tape .5"x3yd3 checkWrights: Wrights Twill Tape .25"x4yd1
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