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check 44'' Ticking Solid2 check108'' Wide Tonga Batik Quilt Backing1 check8" Cotton Assortments1 checkAfrican Violets35 checkAlison Glass Batiks35 checkAlison Glass Handcrafted Batiks Observatory26 checkAlpine3 checkAndover A Splash of Color Batik23 checkAnthology Batiks2 checkAnthology Batiks 437 checkAnthology Batiks 108"17 checkAnthology Batiks Art Inspired60 checkAnthology Batiks Lava Solid72 checkAnthology Batiks Rayon Challis14 checkAnthology Batiks Specialty Signature14 checkAnthology Batiks Specialty Whisper 27 checkAnthology Fabrics Specialty Mirror Ombre8 checkAnthology Southwest20 checkArtisan Batiks Elementals24 checkArtisan Batiks Greenhouse3 checkArtisan Batiks Northwoods2 checkArtisan Batiks Patina Handpaints26 checkArtisan Batiks Prisma7 checkArtisan Batiks Totally Tropical 8 checkArtisan Batiks: Texture Study2 checkBali Batik Stone Quarry38 checkBali Batiks4 checkBali Batiks Brushstroke7 checkBali Batiks Gradation21 checkBali Batiks Graphic Floral15 checkBali Batiks Hand Dyed1 checkBali Batiks Handpaint Agapanthus1 checkBali Batiks Handpaint Art Deco Fan2 checkBali Batiks Handpaint Fireweed1 checkBali Batiks Handpaint Striped1 checkBali Batiks Handpaint Sunburst Floral1 checkBali Batiks Handpaints93 checkBali Batiks Handpaints Birds1 checkBali Batiks Handpaints Floral Medallions2 checkBali Batiks Handpaints Sunflower12 checkBali Batiks Poppies12 checkBali Handpaint Batiks Agapanthus1 checkBali Handpaints Batiks Butterflies7 checkBali Handpaints Batiks Ditzy Flowers1 checkBali Handpaints Batiks Dotty Branch1 checkBali Handpaints Batiks Fern4 checkBali Handpaints Batiks Honeycomb3 checkBali Handpaints Batiks Lines4 checkBali Handpaints Batiks Loop Flowers1 checkBali Handpaints Batiks Malachite1 checkBali Handpaints Batiks Mixed Leaves4 checkBali Handpaints Batiks Pinwheels3 checkBali Handpaints Batiks Sunflower12 checkBali Handpaints Batiks Trellis5 checkBali Handpaints Batiks Water Droplets1 checkBanyan Batiks Brush Strokes8 checkBanyan Batiks Codes and Circuits24 checkBanyan Batiks Darling Lace41 checkBanyan Batiks Feathers14 checkBanyan Batiks French Macaroon14 checkBanyan Batiks Ketan Basics21 checkBanyan Batiks Mary24 checkBanyan Batiks Nostalgic Vibes20 checkBanyan Batiks Primitive Lines24 checkBanyan Batiks Shadows2 checkBanyan Batiks Shattered Garden27 checkBanyan Batiks Shibori11 checkBanyan Batiks Sophie15 checkBanyan Batiks Visual Sounds20 checkBanyan Batiks White on White2 checkBanyan Batiks Winter Light18 checkBanyan Ketan Basics70 checkBatavian Batiks13 checkBatik by Mirah Bonanza25 checkBatik by Mirah Cream Cherise26 checkBatik by Mirah Flamenco25 checkBatik by Mirah Herbiage26 checkBatik by Mirah Milky Mist27 checkBatik by Mirah Peapod25 checkBatik by Mirah Pop Up31 checkBatik by Mirah Sierra26 checkBatik by Mirah Subtle Slate27 checkBatik by Mirah True Trench26 checkBatik Ethnic Patch1 checkBatik Fine Stripe3 checkBatik Floral8 checkBatik Leaf3 checkBatik Navajo Stripe4 checkBatik Rayon Challis9 checkBatik Small Stripe7 checkBatik Small Texture4 checkBatik Southwest Patch3 checkBatik Spray1 checkBatik Starburst2 checkBatik Swirl1 checkBatik Wide Stripe1 checkBenartex Bali Batiks95 checkBenartex Bali Dots Great22 checkBenartex Bali Gradation Batiks4 checkBenartex Garden Oasis Batiks2 checkBenartex Stone Quarry Bali Stone Quarry8 checkBerried Treasure2 checkBirds n Bees20 checkBlock Patch Batik1 checkBlossom Batiks8 checkBlossom Batiks Splash10 checkBlossom Batiks Valley52 checkBright Mosaic12 checkCaledonia Garden32 checkCanterbury Manor19 checkCascades8 checkCity Culture1 checkClothworks Fresh Batiks37 checkColor Crystals9 checkColor Flow11 checkColorama Batiks8 checkCornucopia Artisan Batiks4 checkCotton Batik Jersey Knits12 checkDelmar3 checkDelmar Batiks7 checkDots Batik1 checkDots Mozaic Batik3 checkDotted Floral Batik1 checkDragonfly Dreams2 checkEclectic Garden7 checkElementz1 checkElephant by Textile Creations1 checkFancy Dot Batik2 checkFloral Batik13 checkFresh Batiks Botanica60 checkGranny's Attic8 checkGypsy by Textile Creations7 checkHandloom Batik10 checkHoffman After The Storm1 checkHoffman Bali Batik 104" Wide Backs3 checkHoffman Bali Batik 3-D Box7 checkHoffman Bali Batik Abstract Geode3 checkHoffman Bali Batik Bark Texture10 checkHoffman Bali Batik Branches3 checkHoffman Bali Batik Butterfly Stripe6 checkHoffman Bali Batik Dandelions10 checkHoffman Bali Batik Ditzy Hearts10 checkHoffman Bali Batik Dots1 checkHoffman Bali Batik Lined Floral4 checkHoffman Bali Batik Links5 checkHoffman Bali Batik Packed Leaves8 checkHoffman Bali Batik Paint Splatter6 checkHoffman Bali Batik Palm Leaves10 checkHoffman Bali Batik Ripple9 checkHoffman Bali Batik Scallop Shells2 checkHoffman Bali Batik Sunflower4 checkHoffman Bali Batik Triangle Grid6 checkHoffman Bali Batiks679 checkHoffman Beneath The Boughs1 checkHoffman Fish Tales1 checkHoffman Kits6 checkHoffman Me + You Indah Batik 104" Wide Back2 checkHoffman Me + You Indah Batiks59 checkHoffman Ombre Batiks20 checkHoffman Roller Coasters1 checkHoffman Tessa's Garden1 checkHoffman You + Me1 checkHollow Ridge8 checkHudson Bay Rayon Challis8 checkHudson Bay Rayon Challis Batik8 checkIcing on the Cake1 checkIndah Batiks20 checkIndian Batik115 checkIndian Batik Cascades25 checkIndian Batik Central Java10 checkIndian Batik Crinkle Cotton14 checkIndian Batik Double Face Quilted22 checkIndian Batik Dream Catcher5 checkIndian Batik Footloose1 checkIndian Batik Gold Print25 checkIndian Batik Gypsy8 checkIndian Batik Hollow Ridge10 checkIndian Batik Jewel Box5 checkIndian Batik Kaleidoscope2 checkIndian Batik Lava Spray6 checkIndian Batik Modern Art Stain Glass1 checkIndian Batik Montego Bay14 checkIndian Batik Moody Blues12 checkIndian Batik Ocean Grove17 checkIndian Batik Odyssey5 checkIndian Batik Polynesian Batiks4 checkIndian Batik Sarasota10 checkIndian Batik Swirls1 checkIndian Batiks Tie-Dye3 checkIsland Batik All A Flutter4 checkIsland Batik Autumn's Grace11 checkIsland Batik Batik Cotton Basics83 checkIsland Batik Blue Moon4 checkIsland Batik Dear William3 checkIsland Batik Elementz1 checkIsland Batik Elementz Water Dropz1 checkIsland Batik Empress Garden12 checkIsland Batik Fabrics577 checkIsland Batik Fresh Pick'ins9 checkIsland Batik Mountain's Majesty4 checkIsland Batik Olivera12 checkIsland Batik Paisley Dot3 checkIsland Batik Pressed Petals10 checkIsland Batik Pumpkin Patch2 checkIsland Batik Rayon Challis4 checkIsland Batik Safari 20 checkIsland Batik Southern Blooms2 checkIsland Batik Vineyard5 checkIsland Batik Wild Things19 checkIsland Batiks Basics74 checkJacqueline de Jonge Magical12 checkJacqueline de Jonge Mystical11 checkJava Garden Batiks10 checkKaffe Fassett Artisan27 checkKaffe Fassett Artisan 1 checkKaufman Anemone 26 checkKaufman Anemone 2 Dots1 checkKaufman Anemone 2 Leaves1 checkKaufman Anemone 2 Scattered Leaves3 checkKaufman Anemone 2 Strokes1 checkKaufman Aqua Spa1 checkKaufman Arboretum Batiks 25 checkKaufman Artisan Batiks117 checkKaufman Artisan Batiks Allegro2 checkKaufman Artisan Batiks Artful Earth33 checkKaufman Artisan Batiks Bright Blooms20 checkKaufman Artisan Batiks Color Source17 checkKaufman Artisan Batiks Cornucopia1 checkKaufman Artisan Batiks Enchanted1 checkKaufman Artisan Batiks Fancy Feathers1 checkKaufman Artisan Batiks Helsinki2 checkKaufman Artisan Batiks Northwoods 7 16 checkKaufman Artisan Batiks Optical Illusion1 checkKaufman Artisan Batiks Portofino1 checkKaufman Artisan Batiks Posies22 checkKaufman Artisan Batiks Reflections1 checkKaufman Artisan Batiks Snowflake1 checkKaufman Artisan Batiks Snowflakes2 checkKaufman Artisan Batiks Snowflakes 213 checkKaufman Artisan Batiks Terrace1 checkKaufman Artisan Batiks Tiger Fish6 checkKaufman Artisan Batiks Totally Tropical21 checkKaufman Artisan Batiks Wildlife Sanctuary1 checkKaufman Artisan Batiks: Gazebo 18 checkKaufman Artisan Batiks: Nature's Textures 233 checkKaufman Artisan Batiks: Regal 39 checkKaufman Batiks Elementals27 checkKaufman Batiks Gemstones6 checkKaufman Batiks Metallic Noel6 checkKaufman Batiks Metallic Northwood10 checkKaufman Batiks Reflections7 checkKaufman Batiks Wavelengths15 checkKaufman Batiks Wildlife Sanctuary6 checkKaufman Cornucopia Batiks 12 checkKaufman Metro Retro4 checkKaufman Patina Handpaints Batiks5 checkKaufman Quilt Block Batik1 checkKaufman Regal Batiks11 checkKaufman Retro Metro2 checkKaufman Retro Metro 2 Batik10 checkKetan Batik Mixer83 checkKim Eichler-Messmer Imbue Batiks20 checkKona Cotton1 checkKona Cotton Assortments1 checkLaurel Burch Batik Menagerie41 checkLeaf and Vine9 checkLeaf Batik1 checkLove To Wear Shibori12 checkMagical1 checkMalam Batiks37 checkMaywood Studio Coastal Chic Batiks31 checkMaywood Studio Kits5 checkMaywood Studio Mango Tango Batiks21 checkMaywood Studio Quilt Kits2 checkMe & You Indah Batiks6 checkMe + You Indah Batiks26 checkMerrivale Indian Batiks11 checkMichael Miller Batiks4 checkMichael Miller Marine Batiks 35 checkMirage15 checkMisc Batiks9 checkModa Whispers Double Gauze1 checkModern Art12 checkModern Batiks25 checkMonet Blenders2 checkMontego Bay by Textile Creations36 checkMoody Blues1 checkMosaic Batik1 checkNative Stripe Batik1 checkNature's Palette Batiks5 checkNorthcott Banyan Batiks Broken Glass13 checkNorthcott Banyan Batiks Shadows32 checkNorthcott Banyan Batiks Shibori9 checkNorthcott Banyan Batiks Tie One On29 checkNorthcott Love To Wear Trio11 checkNorthwood Batiks1 checkOcean Grove22 checkOdyssey by Textile Creations1 checkOpal Sky1 checkPatchwork Batik1 checkPeachy Keen1 checkPetal Pushers1 checkPetting Zoo19 checkPrimo Batiks Must Haves3 checkPrimo Batiks Red Sky4 checkPrimo Batiks Tranquility3 checkPrisma Dye Batik Fabric27 checkRain Batik1 checkRalph Lauren Home Outdoor1 checkRalph Lauren Style: Resort Batik1 checkRandom Geo Batik2 checkRayon Challis Prints2 checkRayon Challis Solids1 checkRayon Challis Tie Dye3 checkRecess31 checkRiver Falls Batiks18 checkRobert Kaufman Aqua Spa 25 checkRobert Kaufman To Make26 checkRobert Kaufman To Make Circles5 checkRobert Kaufman To Make Dots3 checkRobert Kaufman To Make Grid7 checkRobert Kaufman To Make Love5 checkRobert Kaufman To Make Squares4 checkRobert Kaufman To Make Triangles2 checkRoyal Nights1 checkSarah J Jewel Batiks19 checkSarah J Must Have Batiks8 checkSarah J Red Sky Batiks7 checkSarah J Sea Batiks17 checkSarah J Tranquility Batiks9 checkSarasota30 checkScroll Batik2 checkShell Dots Batik3 checkSierra Nevada3 checkSpring Blossoms18 checkStripe Batik Dot3 checkSunrise Sunset Batiks2 checkSweet Tweets2 checkSwimming Flowers Batik1 checkSwirl Dots Batik1 checkTake the Plunge2 checkTextile Creations Batik9 checkTextile Creations Batiks85 checkTextile Creations Cascades Swirl Dots1 checkTextile Creations Indian Batik Embroidered4 checkTextile Creations Indian Batiks300 checkTextile Creations Indonesian Batiks19 checkTextile Creations Small Texture1 checkTiki7 checkTimeless Treasures 106'' Batik7 checkTimeless Treasures Batik 108" Wide Back5 checkTimeless Treasures Tonga Batik400 checkTimeless Treasures Tonga Batik Antique Garden3 checkTimeless Treasures Tonga Batik Candy Shop1 checkTimeless Treasures Tonga Batik Cashmere23 checkTimeless Treasures Tonga Batik Chai1 checkTimeless Treasures Tonga Batik Cloud1 checkTimeless Treasures Tonga Batik Color Wheel75 checkTimeless Treasures Tonga Batik Cooper2 checkTimeless Treasures Tonga Batik Dragonfly23 checkTimeless Treasures Tonga Batik Extra Wide2 checkTimeless Treasures Tonga Batik Forest Floor2 checkTimeless Treasures Tonga Batik Graphite18 checkTimeless Treasures Tonga Batik Grasshopper21 checkTimeless Treasures Tonga Batik Haunted3 checkTimeless Treasures Tonga Batik Indigo Dreams1 checkTimeless Treasures Tonga Batik Jewel6 checkTimeless Treasures Tonga Batik Jewel Jade14 checkTimeless Treasures Tonga Batik Lush14 checkTimeless Treasures Tonga Batik Mini Emerald8 checkTimeless Treasures Tonga Batik Mini Garnet3 checkTimeless Treasures Tonga Batik Mystical4 checkTimeless Treasures Tonga Batik Nutmeg19 checkTimeless Treasures Tonga Batik Peacock 3 checkTimeless Treasures Tonga Batik Pinwheel1 checkTimeless Treasures Tonga Batik Rio19 checkTimeless Treasures Tonga Batik Rose2 checkTimeless Treasures Tonga Batik Sophisticate1 checkTimeless Treasures Tonga Batik Spa Day11 checkTimeless Treasures Tonga Batik Treat9 checkTimeless Treasures Tonga Batik Vineyard2 checkTimeless Treasures Tonga Batik Wallflowers16 checkTimeless Treasures Tonga Batik Zanzibar1 checkTimeless Treasures Tonga Batiks40 checkTimeless Treasures Tonga Batiks 106'' Wide1 checkTimeless Treasures Tonga Batiks Bluegrass1 checkTimeless Treasures Tonga Treats6 checkTimeless Treasures Tonga Unicorn3 checkTonga Batik Boathouse22 checkTonga Batik Poppy22 checkTrans-Pacific Textiles Hawaiian10 checkTriangle Batik3 checkTribal Print Batik1 checkTropical Forest4 checkTuscan Garden6 checkUrban Ethnic5 checkVictoria and Albert30 checkVintage Morris30 checkWhatnot8 checkWhisper 213 checkWhistler Studios Paradise2 checkWilmington Batik Mini Dots 1 checkWilmington Batiks263 checkWilmington Batiks Blossoms All Over Dark1 checkWilmington Batiks Butterflies4 checkWilmington Batiks Colorglow 4 checkWilmington Batiks Delicate Fronds5 checkWilmington Batiks Delicate Leaves2 checkWilmington Batiks Dots and Triangles4 checkWilmington Batiks Dotty Toss3 checkWilmington Batiks Drifting Leaves5 checkWilmington Batiks Fireworks7 checkWilmington Batiks Floating Leaves7 checkWilmington Batiks Floral Patchwork2 checkWilmington Batiks Flourish 12 checkWilmington Batiks Flower Burst4 checkWilmington Batiks Geo Paisley1 checkWilmington Batiks Geo-Circles1 checkWilmington Batiks Large Flowers and Leaves2 checkWilmington Batiks Leaf And Flower Mix4 checkWilmington Batiks Leaves And Circles5 checkWilmington Batiks Mottle5 checkWilmington Batiks Open Leaves3 checkWilmington Batiks Packed Petals5 checkWilmington Batiks Petal Burst2 checkWilmington Batiks Small Flowers and Dots2 checkWilmington Batiks Squiggles2 checkWilmington Batiks Stepping Stones2 checkWilmington Batiks Stylized Puzzle3 checkWilmington Batiks Twirling Leaves5 checkWilmington Batiks Wavy Fans6 checkWilmington Batiks Whimsical Curls4 checkWilmington Jewels27 checkWilmington Kits1
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These beautifully dyed batiks can be used to create richly colored quilts, apparel, home décor, and even craft projects! A method of dyeing fabric where some areas are covered with wax or pastes made of glues or starches to make designs by keeping dyes from penetrating in pattern areas. Multicolored and blended effects are obtained by repeating the dyeing process several times, with the initial pattern of wax boiled off and another design applied before dyeing again in a new color.
Vineyard Collection Wine Collage Ivory Fabric
Vineyard Collection Wine Collage Ivory Fabric
From Robert Kaufman, this cotton print fabric is perfect for quilting, apparel and home decor accents. Colors include black, shades ...
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close Vineyard Collection Wine Collage Ivory Fabric
Vineyard Collection Wine Collage Ivory Fabric

Description: From Robert Kaufman, this cotton print fabric is perfect for quilting, apparel and home decor accents. Colors include black, shades of green, brick, wisteria, burgundy and tan.

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Artisan Batiks Totally Tropical Sea Horses Pacific Fabric
Artisan Batiks Totally Tropical Sea Horses Pacific Fabric
Designed by Lunn Studios for Kaufman Fabrics, this Indonesian batik is perfect for quilting and craft projects as well as ...
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close Artisan Batiks Totally Tropical Sea Horses Pacific Fabric
Artisan Batiks Totally Tropical Sea Horses Pacific Fabric

Description: Designed by Lunn Studios for Kaufman Fabrics, this Indonesian batik is perfect for quilting and craft projects as well as apparel and home décor accents. Colors include shades of green, blue, indigo, and yellow.

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Indian Batik Central Java Lilly Pad Peach/Yellow Fabric
Indian Batik Central Java Lilly Pad Peach/Yellow Fabric
From Textile Creations, this Indian batik is perfect for quilting, apparel and home decor accents. Colors include various shades of ...
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close Indian Batik Central Java Lilly Pad Peach/Yellow Fabric
Indian Batik Central Java Lilly Pad Peach/Yellow Fabric

Description: From Textile Creations, this Indian batik is perfect for quilting, apparel and home decor accents. Colors include various shades of yellow, green, brown, pink, and purple.

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