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checkAbbey Shea Style: 911 Mesh5 checkAbbey Shea Style: Air Knit4 checkAbbey Shea Style: Screening Heavy Mesh5 checkAir Mesh6 checkAthletic Stretch Mesh9 checkFloral Embroidered Mesh Lace17 checkFloral Mesh Lace4 checkFlower Lace8 checkFringe Sequins & Mesh2 checkGlitz Sequin & Mesh7 checkGlitz Sequin Mesh7 checkIceberg Embroidered Mesh Lace5 checkInternational Designer Fabrics4 checkInternational Designer Sequined Mesh1 checkIridescent Sequin Mesh20 checkLace Applique1 checkLuxury Sequin Mesh3 checkPaillette Sequins7 checkPhifertex Style: Sunscreen 48"3 checkPower Mesh4 checkSequin Check6 checkSequin Mesh22 checkSpacer Mesh9 checkSpradling Style: Seat Bottom Lining2 checkSquare Dazzle & Mesh Sequins7 checkStarlight Beverly3 checkStarlight Collection8 checkStarlight Mesh Lace10 checkStarlight Roundarose3 checkStarlight Sequined Mesh10 checkStretch Lace1 checkSutash Sequin Mesh Lace5 checkSwiss Designer Fabrics1 checkTear Drop Sequins & Mesh5 checkTelio Amor1 checkTelio Angelina Embroidery Mesh Lace8 checkTelio Anita Embroidery1 checkTelio Burnout Velvet9 checkTelio Coralie Embroidered Lace6 checkTelio Corina Mesh Knit2 checkTelio Daisy Embroidery2 checkTelio Effie Embroidered Mesh Lace1 checkTelio Elise Embroidered Chantilly Lace3 checkTelio Extravagance2 checkTelio Glamour Sequin Lace1 checkTelio Johanna2 checkTelio Luella Embroidered Lace6 checkTelio Matte Chiffon Mesh5 checkTelio Miami Mesh10 checkTelio Midnight Garden1 checkTelio Mod Stretch Mesh6 checkTelio Stretch Nylon Shaper Mesh20 checkTelio Veronica Lace5 checkTelio Viola Nylon Sequined Mesh1 checkTrue Timber Outdoor1 checkTrue Timber Outdoors1
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A type of fabric characterized by its net-like open appearance, and the spaces between the yarns. Mesh is available in a variety of constructions including wovens, knits, laces, or crocheted fabrics. Shop Mesh fabrics that will satisfy even the most selective of projects.