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Jacquard is a raised design or pattern woven into a fabric as opposed to being printed on the fabric, such as damasks, florals and geometrics. Jacquard weaves have a varying drape ability and durability depending on which fibers are used. You will find many styles and colors of Jacquard fabric in this section. Create draperies, duvets and slip covers. Sewing takes time and energy, shopping for Jacquard fabric at takes neither. 

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World Wide Naturally Washed Collection Blair Natural
World Wide Naturally Washed Collection Blair Natural
This versatile jacquard fabric has an embossed and slub texture. Perfect fabric for refreshing and modernizing any home decor, this ...
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close World Wide Naturally Washed Collection Blair Natural
World Wide Naturally Washed Collection Blair Natural

Description: This versatile jacquard fabric has an embossed and slub texture. Perfect fabric for refreshing and modernizing any home decor, this fabric is ideal for window treatments (draperies, valances, swags and curtains), slipcovers, accent pillows and upholstery (headboards, cornices, ottomans, chairs, ...

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