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check108'' Wide Tulle Fabrics8 check12 Oz. Spa Terry Veluor Fabric7 check54'' Diamond Net Fabric16 check54'' Wide Tulle Fabric8 checkAdorn-it Minky Cuddle Fabric6 checkAll American Interlock Knit Fabric9 checkAmanda Stretch Sweater Knit Fabric8 checkAmy Butler Hapi Linen Blend Fabric5 checkAmy Butler Hapi Voile Fabric2 checkAndover Chambray Fabric15 checkApparel Faux Leather Fabric15 checkAssorted Knit Fabrics4 checkAssorted Minky Fabrics117 checkAssorted Novelty Sweater Knit Fabric1 checkAvita Stretch Lace Fabric14 checkAxiom Stretch Microfiber Twill Fabric7 checkAzalea Lace Fabric1 checkBaby Waffle Pique Fabric7 checkBahamas Knit Fabric1 checkBears and Buddies Flannel2 checkBirch Organic Flannel Charley Harper2 checkBirch Organic Flannel Solids4 checkBrussels Washer Linen Blend Fabric19 checkChamonix Cotton Moleskin Fabric5 checkCollegiate Camo Fleece Fabric16 checkCollegiate Fleece Fabrics67 checkCollegiate Plaid Fleece Fabric20 checkCool Max Knit Fabric10 checkCotton Blend Woven Gingham Fabric8 checkCotton Lycra Sateen Fabric1 checkCotton Tencel Chambray 3 oz. Shirting Fabric2 checkCotton Twill Fabric14 checkDakota Stretch Rayon Jersey Knit Fabric17 checkDaydream Girl Flannel7 checkDenim Fabric5 checkDoll Face Interlock Knit Fabric1 checkEmbroidered 21 Wale Corduroy Fabric26 checkFaux Fur Fabrics15 checkFaux Fur Mongolian Fabric12 checkHatchi Rib Knit Fabric1 checkIbiza Stretch Jersey Knit Fabric15 checkIbiza Stretch Twill Fabric6 checkImperial Batiste 60" Fabric22 checkImperial Broadcloth 60"58 checkImperial Micro Check Fabric19 checkJewel Jersey Knit Fabric14 checkJoel Dewberry Bungalow Rayon Challis Fabric4 checkKaufman 6 Wale Corduroy Fabric5 checkKaufman Chambray Fabric12 checkKaufman Chambray Stretch Linen Fabric1 checkKaufman Double Cloth Cotton Fabric5 checkKaufman Nautique Chambray Printed Fabric8 checkKaufman Woven 1/8" Carolina Gingham Fabric7 checkKiss Heirloom Batiste Fabric2 checkKoshibo Crepe de Chine Fabric2 checkLiberty Of London Carnaby Jersey Knit Fabric2 checkLiberty of London Classic Tana Lawn Wild Flowers Fabric3 checkLondon Calling 415 checkMichael Miller Charmeuse Satin Fabric6 checkMichael Miller Cozy Fabric9 checkMichael Miller Lattice Cotton Eyelet Fabric11 checkMinkee Gelato Tie Dye Fabric11 checkMinky Cuddle Jungle Tales Fabric7 checkMinky Cuddle Mini Chevron & Zig Zag Fabric14 checkMinky Sherpa Cuddle Fabric3 checkMinky Spa Cuddle Fabric9 checkMLB Fleece Fabric6 checkMontauk Twill Fabric12 checkNovelty Flannel65 checkNylon Crinkle Cloth Fabric4 checkOne Direction Fleece Fabric2 checkPima Check Classics Fabric25 checkPima Cotton Broadcloth22 checkPima Sheen Sateen Fabric12 checkPlush Coral Fleece Fabric46 checkPointelle Sweater Knit Fabric1 checkPonte Fino Knit Fabric12 checkPrimo Solid Flannel9 checkPrinted Cotton Twill Fabric3 checkPrinted Crepe De Chine Fabric1 checkPrinted Fleece Fabric72 checkPrinted Jersey Knit Fabric1 checkRiley Blake A Beautiful Thing Flannel14 checkRiley Blake Dots Knit Fabric7 checkRiley Blake Giraffe Crossing Flannel12 checkRiley Blake Snips & Snails Flannel5 checkRiley Blake Solid Knit Fabric6 checkRiley Blake Splendor Laminated Cottons3 checkRiley Blake Stripe Jersey Knit Fabric16 checkSchool Uniform Plaid Fabric1 checkSerape Stripe Shirting Fabric4 checkSerape Stripes Deluxe Cotton Fabric3 checkShannon Charmeuse Satin Fabric31 checkSheer Pointelle Jersey Knit Fabric2 checkShimmer Crepe de Chine Fabric1 checkSilky Hatchi Knit Fabric1 checkSolid Crepe Georgette Fabric1 checkSolid Hatchi Knit Fabric4 checkSolid Ponte De Roma Knit Fabric1 checkSolid Single Knit Fabric1 checkStretch Docker Twill Fabric15 checkStretch Marlow Denim Fabric4 checkStretch Satin Twill Fabric1 checkStretch Sheen Sateen Fabric9 checkStretch Tissue Hatchi Knit Fabric4 checkStretch Venice Foil Knit Fabric1 checkSupreme Lace Fabric26 checkSweatshirt Fleece Fabric12 checkTeam Spirit Athletic Mesh Fabric1 checkTeam Spirit Pin Stripe Fabric1 checkTeam Spirit Tricot Fabric1 checkTeam Spirit Uniform Ponte Knit Fabric8 checkToscana Stretch Satin Fabric1 checkTrue Timber Amerisuede Fabric8 checkTrue Timber Broadcloth Fabric4 checkTrue Timber Satin Fabric5 checkTwo-Tone Ruffle Knit Fabric1 checkViscose Batiste Fabric22 checkVivid Stretch Jersey Knit Fabric2 checkWide 6 Wale Corduroy Fabric12 checkYarn Dyed Hatchi Knit Fabric1 checkYarn Dyed Jersey Knit Fabric1
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check Imperial Broadcloth 60''1 check54'' Diamond Netting16 checkAdorn-it Cuddle Collection19 checkAll American Interlock Knit9 checkAmanda Stretch Sweater Knit8 checkAmy Butler Hapi Linen5 checkAmy Butler Hapi Voile2 checkAndover Chambray15 checkAngry Birds9 checkAngry Birds Fleece8 checkAnimal Cuddle6 checkArizona State University1 checkAvita Stretch Lace14 checkAzalea Lace1 checkBaby Waffle Pique7 checkBahamas Knit1 checkBatiste22 checkBaylor University1 checkBears And Buddies Flannel2 checkBelstaff Faux Leather2 checkBetty Boop1 checkBirch Organic Charley Harper Flannel2 checkBirch Organic Flannel Solids4 checkBonded Cuddle2 checkBorn To Be Wild Cuddle Blue1 checkBorn To Be Wild Cuddle Multi2 checkBoston Celtics1 checkBoston Red Sox1 checkBrigham Young University3 checkBrooklyn Nets1 checkBungalow Rayon Challis4 checkCathy Loo Fleece1 checkChambray Shirting38 checkCharmeuse Satin4 checkChevrons & Zig Zags Cuddle17 checkChicago Cubs1 checkChinchilla Cuddle8 checkChinchilla Faux Fur Collection5 checkChristmas Flannel1 checkClemson University1 checkCollegiate Fleece80 checkCollegiate Fleece Panels2 checkCool Max Knit10 checkCorduroy Fine Wale26 checkCorduroy Medium Wale5 checkCorduroy Wide Wale15 checkCotton Blend Broadcloth1 checkCotton Rayon Chambray Twill3 checkCozy Cotton Flannel17 checkCrazy For Daisies Cuddle7 checkCrepe De Chine Prints3 checkCrepe De Chine Solids1 checkCrepe Georgette1 checkCrinkle Chiffon1 checkCuddle 39 checkCuddle Classics60 checkCuddle Fleece2 checkDakota Stretch Rayon Jersey Knit17 checkDallas Mavericks1 checkDamask Cuddle7 checkDaydream Girl Flannel7 checkDc Comics1 checkDeadwood Faux Leather3 checkDesigner Chiffon1 checkDesigner Knit2 checkDetroit Tigers1 checkDimple Dot Cuddle4 checkDoll Face Interlock Knit1 checkEast Carolina University2 checkEmbroidered Corduroy26 checkEyelet12 checkFancy Eyelet1 checkFaux Fur Fabric27 checkFleece Chevron1 checkFleece Novelty Prints30 checkFleece Solids24 checkFlorida State University1 checkFord Mustang1 checkFun Shag Faux Fur13 checkGeorgia Institute Of Technology2 checkGlitter Tulle1 checkHatchi Sweater Knit Prints1 checkHatchi Sweater Knit Yarn Dyes1 checkHome Decor Faux Fur6 checkIbiza Stretch Jersey Knit15 checkImperial Batiste22 checkImperial Broadcloth 60''57 checkImperial Micro Check19 checkIowa State University2 checkIzzy Cuddle1 checkIzzy Cuddle: Pastel1 checkJersey Knit Nylon2 checkJersey Knit Prints18 checkJersey Knit Rayon34 checkJersey Knit Solids46 checkJersey Knit Yarn Dyes2 checkJewel Jersey Knit14 checkJungle Tales Brown Cuddle2 checkJungle Tales Fuchsia Cuddle3 checkJungle Tales Minky Cuddle7 checkJungle Tales Topaz Cuddle3 checkJungle Tales Watermelon Cuddle3 checkKansas State University2 checkKaufman Axiom Stretch Microfiber Twill7 checkKaufman Brussels Washer Linen Blend19 checkKaufman Carolina 1/8'' Gingham7 checkKaufman Carolina Gingham7 checkKaufman Chambray19 checkKaufman Chambray Stretch Linen1 checkKaufman Chambray Union Light4 checkKaufman Chambray Union Stretch4 checkKaufman Chamonix Cotton Moleskin5 checkKaufman Corduroy 6 Wale5 checkKaufman Cotton Tencel Chambray 3 Oz.2 checkKaufman Cuddle Collection2 checkKaufman Denim2 checkKaufman Double Cloth Cotton7 checkKaufman Ibiza Stretch Twill6 checkKaufman Linens Palette20 checkKaufman London Calling Lawn15 checkKaufman London Calling Lawn: Blue5 checkKaufman London Calling Lawn: Peach5 checkKaufman London Calling Lawn: Pink5 checkKaufman Montauk Twill12 checkKaufman Nautique Chambray8 checkKaufman Serape Stripes4 checkKaufman Serape Stripes Deluxe3 checkKaufman Stretch Denim2 checkKaufman Twill28 checkKiss Heriloom Batiste2 checkKoshibo Crepe De Chine2 checkKozy Cuddle Collection36 checkLagoona Minky Cuddle1 checkLiberty Of London Carnaby Jersey Knit2 checkLiberty Of London Dufour Jersey Knit1 checkLiberty Of London Tana Lawn3 checkLinen Prints5 checkLouisiana State University3 checkLuxe Cuddle Collection14 checkLuxe Cuddle Print Collection3 checkMalore Faux Leather4 checkMar Bella Cuddle Collection1 checkMar Bella Marina Cuddle1 checkMarvel Comics1 checkMaverick Faux Leather1 checkMiami Dolphins1 checkMiami Heat1 checkMichael Miller Cozy9 checkMichael Miller Lattice Eyelet11 checkMichael Miller Poly Satin6 checkMichigan State University2 checkMini Stripe Cuddle9 checkMinkee Gelato11 checkMinky Candy5 checkMinky Diamonds & Dots3 checkMinky Minnie Dots2 checkMinky Prints3 checkMinnesota Vikings2 checkMlb Fleece6 checkMod Dot Cuddle6 checkMy Lil Buckaroo Fuchsia Cuddle1 checkMy Lil Buckaroo Sky Cuddle2 checkNascar1 checkNascar Fleece1 checkNBA Fleece4 checkNested Owls Coral Cuddle8 checkNested Owls Cuddle13 checkNested Owls Dusk Cuddle5 checkNew England Patriots1 checkNew York Yankees1 checkNFL Fleece4 checkNight Owls Cuddle1 checkNorth Carolina State University1 checkNovelty Flannel26 checkNylon Crinkle Cloth4 checkNylon Netting Fabric1 checkOklahoma State University1 checkOne Direction Fleece2 checkOoga Booga1 checkOoh La La Cuddle5 checkOpen Weave Sweater Knit1 checkOregon State University4 checkOttoman Knit1 checkPaisley Cuddle6 checkPaul Frank4 checkPaul Frank Fleece4 checkPennsylvania State University1 checkPerdue University2 checkPima Check Classics25 checkPima Cotton Broadcloth22 checkPima Cotton Wale Pique2 checkPlush Coral Fleece46 checkPointelle Knit2 checkPointelle Sweater Knit1 checkPonte De Roma Knit13 checkPonte Fino Knit12 checkPonte Knit8 checkPretty Paisley Cuddle6 checkPrimo Solid Flannel9 checkPul (polyurethane Laminate)1 checkPurdue University1 checkRibbon Cuddle2 checkRiley Blake 1'' Stripe8 checkRiley Blake 1/2'' Stripes8 checkRiley Blake A Beautiful Thing Flannel14 checkRiley Blake Chevron1 checkRiley Blake Cotton Jersey Knit29 checkRiley Blake Giraffe Crossing Flannel12 checkRiley Blake Home For The Holidays Flannel3 checkRiley Blake Laminated Cotton2 checkRiley Blake Small Dots6 checkRiley Blake Snips & Snails Fla5 checkRiley Blake Splendor Laminated Cotton3 checkRiley Blake Vintage Happy Laminated Cottons1 checkRoad Signs3 checkRomance Cuddle1 checkSan Francisco Giants1 checkSatin Charmeuse Prints4 checkScalloped Lace26 checkSchool Uniform Plaid1 checkScore Cuddle4 checkShaggy Cuddle3 checkShannon Silky Satin Fabric31 checkShannon Studio Cuddle Collection4 checkSherpa Cuddle3 checkShort Pile Faux Fur1 checkSiera Faux Leather3 checkSilky Hatchi Sweater Knit1 checkSoft Cuddle Rabbit2 checkSpa Cuddle10 checkSpa Terry Velour7 checkSpiderman1 checkSt. Louis Cardinals1 checkStar Trek1 checkStar Trek Fleece1 checkStar Wars2 checkStar Wars Angry Birds2 checkStretch Docker Twill15 checkStretch Marlow Denim4 checkStretch Sateen1 checkStretch Sheen Sateen9 checkStretch Venice Foil Knit1 checkSummer Breeze2 checkSuperman1 checkSuperman Fleece1 checkSupreme Lace26 checkSweater Rib Knit1 checkSweatshirt Fleece13 checkSwiss Dot Cuddle8 checkTeam Spirit1 checkTeam Spirit Mesh1 checkTeam Spirit Pin Stripe1 checkTeam Spirit Tricot1 checkTerry Cloth Cuddle1 checkTerry Cloth Fabric1 checkTexas Tech University1 checkTissue Hatchi Knit5 checkToile Cuddle3 checkTopaz Hatchi Knit2 checkToscana Stretch Satin1 checkTrue Timber Broadcloth4 checkTrue Timber Satin5 checkTrue Timber Suede8 checkTurbo1 checkTwo-tone Ruffle Knit1 checkUnison Knit1 checkUniversity Of Alabama2 checkUniversity Of Arizona1 checkUniversity Of Arkansas2 checkUniversity Of California, Los Angeles1 checkUniversity Of Cincinnati1 checkUniversity Of Clemson1 checkUniversity Of Florida3 checkUniversity Of Georgia4 checkUniversity Of Idaho1 checkUniversity Of Illinois2 checkUniversity Of Iowa3 checkUniversity Of Kansas2 checkUniversity Of Kentucky2 checkUniversity Of Louisville2 checkUniversity Of Miami1 checkUniversity Of Michigan2 checkUniversity Of Minnesota2 checkUniversity Of Mississippi1 checkUniversity Of Missouri1 checkUniversity Of Montana1 checkUniversity Of Nebraska3 checkUniversity Of North Carolina1 checkUniversity Of Oklahoma2 checkUniversity Of Oregon4 checkUniversity Of Pittsburg1 checkUniversity Of Pittsburgh2 checkUniversity Of South Carolina1 checkUniversity Of Tennessee2 checkUniversity Of Texas3 checkUniversity Of Utah1 checkUniversity Of Virginia1 checkUniversity Of Washington1 checkUniversity Of West Virginia1 checkUniversity Of Wisconsin5 checkUrban Zoologie Cuddle1 checkUrban Zoology Cuddle Fuchsia1 checkVersace Faux Leather2 checkVine Cuddle1 checkVirginia Tech3 checkViscose Batiste22 checkVivid Stretch Jersey Knit2 checkWashington State University3 checkWest Virginia University1 checkWestern Michigan University1 checkWinterfleece Prints17 checkWoven 1/8'' Gingham8
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Just Arrived Fashion Fabrics have all the latest fresh and exciting new fabrics! We add new apparel fabrics here almost daily. You will want to check back often to be the first to view the best selection in our high quality apparel fabrics!

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Stretch Nylon Jersey Knit Purple Fabric
Stretch Nylon Jersey Knit Purple Fabric
This jersey knit fabric is perfect for tops athletic T shirts and linings. It features 25% stretch across the grain. ...
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Stretch Nylon Jersey Knit Purple Fabric

Description: This jersey knit fabric is perfect for tops athletic T shirts and linings. It features 25% stretch across the grain.

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Stretch Pintuck Jersey Knit Red Fabric
Stretch Pintuck Jersey Knit Red Fabric
This smooth and silky jersey knit is perfect for dancewear and form fitting apparel. It features woven pintucks and 25% ...
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Stretch Pintuck Jersey Knit Red Fabric

Description: This smooth and silky jersey knit is perfect for dancewear and form fitting apparel. It features woven pintucks and 25% four way stretch.

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