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in Insta-Totes Reusable Eco-Friendly Bags

An eco-friendly replacement for your endless throwaway plastic bags, the Insta-Totes are reusable, recyclable, and practical! In Europe a majority of shoppers carry their own tote bags, since most European markets do not provide the excessive number of throwaway bags found in the United States. Two women brought this tote bag concept to a new level by combining designer art with a practical reusable bag that is functional, chic, not to mention friendly to the environment! The very affordable totes offer an attractive alternative to the consumer as well as the retailer wishing to become part of the "green revolution" sweeping the country. The Insta-Totes bags are lightweight yet super-strong, with a virtually indestructible waterproof surface that can be wiped clean and reused indefinitely. Three styles are available: the Reusable Shopping Tote (perfect for groceries),the Wine Tote and the Lunch Tote. More styles will be coming soon!

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