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checkAlexis Luxe Snuggle1 checkAngela Luxe Snuggle2 checkBonded Cuddle3 checkBorn To Be Wild Cuddle Blue3 checkBorn To Be Wild Cuddle Multi3 checkBorn To Be Wild Cuddle Pink1 checkBoys Toys Aviator Cuddle2 checkBoys Toys Speedster Cuddle1 checkCaressa Luxe Snuggle3 checkChinchilla Cuddle6 checkCrazy for Daisies Cuddle3 checkCuddle 371 checkCuddle Fleece21 checkCuddle Plush1 checkCynthia Rowley Oh Baby Cozy3 checkDiamond Cuddle1 checkDimple Dot Cuddle25 checkEmbossed Chevron Cuddle6 checkEmbossed Groovy Cuddle4 checkFly Away Cuddle6 checkFrizzy Cuddle1 checkIzzy Cuddle: Melon2 checkIzzy Cuddle: Pastel2 checkIzzy Cuddle: Topaz2 checkJungle Tales Brown Cuddle1 checkJungle Tales Fuchsia Cuddle1 checkKaufman Cuddle Collection1 checkKozy Cuddle Collection194 checkLagoona Minky Cuddle4 checkMajestic Cuddle Indigo6 checkMajestic Cuddle Scarlet2 checkMajestic Minky Cuddle6 checkMar Bella Carbon Cuddle1 checkMar Bella Cuddle Collection10 checkMar Bella Limon Cuddle2 checkMar Bella Marina Cuddle1 checkMar Bella Olivia Cuddle1 checkMar Bella Sofia Cuddle1 checkMichael Miller Cozy7 checkMinky Black & White Collection17 checkMinky Blue & Brown Collection51 checkMinky Blue & Grey Collection40 checkMinky Chevron Snuggle12 checkMinky Feather Snuggle1 checkMinky Green & Brown Collection44 checkMinky Joyce Snuggle2 checkMinky Lux1 checkMinky Neon1 checkMinky Pink & Brown Collection47 checkMinky Pink & Grey Collection39 checkMinky Pink & Navy Collection9 checkMinky Prints4 checkMinky Rosebud1 checkMinky Vanessa Snuggle1 checkMinky Yellow & Grey Collection29 checkMy Lil Buckaroo Camel Cuddle1 checkMy Lil Buckaroo Fuchsia Cuddle2 checkMy Lil Buckaroo Sky Cuddle2 checkNested Owls Coral Cuddle2 checkNested Owls Dusk Cuddle1 checkPaisley Cuddle10 checkPine Ridge Cuddle1 checkRibbon Cuddle3 checkRomance Cuddle5 checkRose Cuddle17 checkShaggy Cuddle9 checkShannon Studio Cuddle Collection8 checkSnow Days Cuddle3 checkSoft Cuddle1 checkSpice Market Basil Cuddle4 checkSpice Market Minky Cuddle2 checkSpice Market Saffron Cuddle3 checkSuper Plush Cuddle5 checkSuperhero Cuddle Adventure2 checkSuperhero Cuddle Bright2 checkVine Cuddle9
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Enjoy our great selection of ultra soft Minkee solid fabric.  You will absolutely love the incredibly soft touch of Minkee. The design possibilities are endless, from blankets, pillows, apparel, stuffed animals and more!
Learn tips for sewing with Minky   WATCH OUR VIDEO NOW >>
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