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A.E. Nathan2 Alexander Henry9 Allison Cole2 Amelia Caruso1 Andi Metz11 Andover5 Ann Lauer 2 Anne Rowan9 Art Gallery Fabrics7 ASPCA2 Benartex31 Beth Logan6 Camelot Design Studio3 Camelot Fabrics4 Cheryl Haynes 1 Chong-a Hwang 1 Clara Jean 5 Clothworks8 Cloud 91 Contempo Studio1 Cotton + Steel8 Dan Morris10 Dana Willard1 De Leon Design Group1 Dear Stella Designs9 Debbie Beaves1 Deleon Design Group4 Disney1 Dr. Seuss Enterprises 2 Ed Emberley1 Elizabeth's Studio 6 Emma Jayne11 Fabri-Quilt8 Francien Van Westering 1 FreeSpirit Fabrics1 Gail Cadden 1 George McCarthy1 George McCartney 2 Gerri Robinson1 Giordano Studios1 Grace Popp2 Hannah Dale1 Henry Glass & Co.8 Ink & Arrow3 J. Wecker Frisch1 Jennifer Pugh 1 Jessica Swift4 Jody Bergsma2 John Butler1 Kanvas Studio12 Karla Gerard 2 Katarina Roccella 1 Keith Kimberlin1 Marshall Dry Goods1 Mary Lake-Thompson 2 Maywood Studio1 Michael Miller39 Naocom7 Nick Gustafson 4 P&B Textiles1 Paintbrush Studio6 Paintbrush Studio Fabrics6 Patty Basemi 1 Pink Light Studio1 QT Fabrics13 Riley Blake Designs7 Robert Giordano 2 Robert Kaufman30 Sage Larkin1 Sandra Magsamen1 Sarah Golden5 Sarah Watts1 Sevenberry3 Springs Creative Products1 Stacy Peterson 1 STOF France5 Studio E Fabrics7 Studio RK7 Susybee8 Sykel Enterprises2 Teresa Chan1 Teresa Kogut 5 Terri Degenkolb1 Terry Runyan13 The Little Red House4 The Tiny Garden2 Timeless Treasures22 Tina Ledbetter1 Vanessa Lillrose & Linda Fitch 2 Victoria Borges4 Whistler Studios14 Wilmington Prints10 Windham Fabrics17
108" Wide Quilt Back Floral1 Alexander Henry Feline Fisherman1 Alexander Henry Haunted House2 Alexander Henry Monkey's Bizness1 Alexander Henry Nicole's Prints3 Alexander Henry Wish You Were Here 2 Andover Whiskers and Dash5 Art Gallery Boscage1 Art Gallery Oh Meow4 Art Gallery Tails & Threads 1 Be Pawsitive2 Benartex Cat-I-Tude Singing The Blues2 Benartex Cats N Quilts 1 Benartex Colorful Cats1 Benartex Folktown Cats 2 Blank Quilting Purranoia2 Camelot A Stroll in Santorini1 Camelot Minky Summer 2022 1 Camelot Space Kitten 2 Cats & Dogs1 Cloud9 Ed Emberley Favorites1 Comfy Double Napped Flannel2 Contempo It's Raining Cats and Dogs1 Contempo Purr Fect Cats 12 Cotton + Steel Kawaii Nakama1 Cotton + Steel Lil' Monsters1 Cotton + Steel Waku Waku Christmas4 Crazy for Cats1 Dear Stella Cat Call3 Dear Stella Digital Meowmi Beach 1 Dear Stella Digital Summer Lovin1 Dear Stella Digital Vanity Fur2 Dear Stella Digital Wood You Be Mine 1 Dear Stella Here Comes The Sun1 Disney1 Disney Hocus Pocus1 Double Sided Quilted Broadcloth1 Dr. Seuss2 Effervescence1 Elizabeth's Studio Adorable Pets 1 Elizabeth's Studio Cats & Dogs2 Elizabeth's Studio The Rainbow2 Flannel Prints1 FreeSpirit Belle Epoque 1 Henry Glass All You Need Is Love & A Cat 6 Henry Glass Kittens in the Garden2 Ink & Arrow Whiskers2 Kanvas Kitty City11 Kanvas Radiant Paisley1 Kaufman A Little Dr. Seuss 2 Kaufman Animal Club7 Kaufman Flowerhouse Time Well Spent Flannel 1 Kaufman Holly Jolly Christmas2 Kaufman Kitty's Garden1 Kaufman Sevenberry Whiskers And Tails 3 Kaufman Sewing Buddies1 Kaufman Wishwell Petit2 Love is a Four Legged Word1 Maywood Warm Wishes1 Michael Miller Atomic Tabbys1 Michael Miller Black & White3 Michael Miller Blue Muse2 Michael Miller Cat's Cradle1 Michael Miller Dog Show1 Michael Miller Feline Friends4 Michael Miller Meowgical5 Michael Miller Musical Cats3 Michael Miller Nautilus 3 Michael Miller Paw Prints ASPCA2 Michael Miller Paws Up!2 Michael Miller Puddy Cats11 Minky Prints1 Mook Cotton Print5 My Pet Family3 One of a Kind1 P&B Textiles Christmas Miniatures II 1 Paintbrush Studio Christmas Sweater Cats2 Paintbrush Studio Hats for Cats2 Paintbrush Studio Imperial Garden1 Paintbrush Studio Tails and Whiskers2 QT Fabrics Felicity4 QT Fabrics On Tap6 QT Fabrics Tiger Tails1 Riley Blake Halloween Whimsy 5 Riley Blake Mad Masquerade 1 Riley Blake Red Hot 1 Robert Kaufman Animal Club6 Robert Kaufman Whiskers & Tails 2 STOF France Grominet1 Stof France Le Quilt1 STOF France Matelasse 3.51 STOF France Mistigri1 Studio E Black And White With A Touch Of Bright 4 Studio E Huggable and Lovable IX1 Studio E Midnight Magic 2 Susybee Kitty The Cat 8 Sykel Minky Madame Victoria's Elegant Cats1 Timeless Treasures Brite1 Timeless Treasures Cats & Dogs3 Timeless Treasures Cool Cats1 Timeless Treasures Crayon Party1 Timeless Treasures Day Of The Dead 1 Timeless Treasures Digital Catnip Garden 1 Timeless Treasures Meow-Za1 Timeless Treasures Novelties1 Timeless Treasures Novelty Juvenile1 Timeless Treasures Pawsome1 Timeless Treasures Pounce1 Timeless Treasures Purr-fect Hangout2 Timeless Treasures Rainbow Cats2 Timeless Treasures Star Gazing2 Whiskers & Tails3 Whistler Studios 108" Wide Quilt Backing1 Whistler Studios Little Whispers2 Whistler Studios Plant Sitting3 Whistler Studios Storybook 223 Wilmington Gnome Ster Mash 1 Wilmington Purrfect Partners 9 Windham Essentials1 Windham Purrfect Day1 Winterfleece Prints2
Are you a cat lover? You don’t have to be a cat lady to love these feline prints! From kittens to paws, you’ll find the perfect fabric for your next quilt, accessory, home décor accent, or apparel.

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