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Moda Marbles 5'' Charm Pack Bright
Moda Marbles 5'' Charm Pack Bright
Designed for Moda Fabrics, this assortment includes 42-5.00'' x 5.00'' charm squares from the Moda Marbles collection. Included in this ...
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close Moda Marbles 5'' Charm Pack Bright
Moda Marbles 5'' Charm Pack Bright

Description: Designed for Moda Fabrics, this assortment includes 42-5.00'' x 5.00'' charm squares from the Moda Marbles collection. Included in this charm pack are 12 different bright colors- 4- #9880-36, 4-#6696, 5-#9881-36, 4-#9809, 4-#6699, 4-#9880-90, 4-#6697, 5-#9880-82, 4-#6698, 4-#9880-59. Use for ...

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