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check10 Oz. Bull Denim1 check100% China Silk Lining1 check100% European Hancherchief Linen1 check100% European Linen7 check100% European Medium-Weight Linen2 check100% Silk Shantung2 check108" Wide Tulle1 check110" Stof France Cotton Duck1 check118" Sheer Voile4 check120" Sheer Voile1 check40 Denier Tricot2 check45" Liberty Broadcloth14 check58" Faux Dupioni Silk2 check60'' Poly Cotton Broadcloth2 check60'' Sailor Burlap1 check60'' Sultana Burlap1 check60" Poly Poplin1 check72" Velveteen4 check8.5 Oz. Brushed Canvas3 checkAbbey Shea Style: Jordan8 checkAbbey Shea Style: Riverton23 checkAbbey Shea Style: Shelby2 checkActivewear Knit Solids2 checkActivewear Solid Knits1 checkAir Flow Satin2 checkAir Flow Twill2 checkAmerican Decorative Style: Performance Fiddlesticks2 checkAmerican Decorative Style: Performatex2 checkAndover Century Solids6 checkArt Gallery Arizona1 checkArt Gallery Pure Elements Solids2 checkArt Gallery Pure Solids1 checkBacked Sensation Upholstery2 checkBacked Upholstery Chenille1 checkBatiste2 checkBenartex Cotton Shot #96361 checkBenartex Superior Solids4 checkBenartex Winter Wool2 checkBeverly Angeles Cotton Velvet3 checkBoltaflex Style: Avalon10 checkBrushed Bull Denim2 checkBull Denim1 checkChambray Shirting4 checkCharmeuse Satin2 checkChiffon Solids11 checkChiffon Yoryu1 checkCloud 9 Dolittles1 checkCloud9 Cirrus Solids1 checkComfy Flannel1 checkComfy Flannel Solids1 checkCotton + Steel3 checkCotton + Steel Basics3 checkCotton + Steel Solid Lawn1 checkCotton + Steel Solids3 checkCotton Duck Solids1 checkCotton Lawn3 checkCotton Supreme Solids1 checkCotton Twill Solids1 checkCreased Taffeta1 checkCrepe Georgette1 checkCrypton Home Performance Fabric1 checkCrypton Home Style: Stuart1 checkCuddle 3 5 checkDeluxe Collection1 checkDiaper Flannel1 checkDouble Brushed Spandex Jersey Knit1 checkDupioni Silk3 checkDutchess Stretch Crepe1 checkEclipse Solid 1 checkEmbrace Double Gauze2 checkEroica Lavish Velvet2 checkEroica Style: Cosmo Linen3 checkEroica Style: Metro Linen3 checkEuropean 100% Linen5 checkEuropean Linen17 checkEuropean Linen Blend2 checkEuropean Linen Italino2 checkEuropean Linen Livingston1 checkEuropean Linen Memphis1 checkEuropean Linen Nevada3 checkEuropean Linen Wyoming3 checkExclusive Shannon Minky4 checkFabric Merchants Bullet Knit1 checkFabric Merchants Deadstock Cotton Slub Jersey2 checkFabric Merchants ITY Jersey Knit1 checkFabric Merchants Metallic Knit1 checkFabric Merchants Viscose Slub Jersey Knit1 checkFabric Merchants Wool Dobby Chiffon3 checkFashion Solids2 checkFaux Fur Gorilla 1 checkFaux Linen Sheer2 checkFaux Patent Leather1 checkFlannel1 checkFlannel Interlining1 checkFleece Solids4 checkFluffy Solids Flannel2 checkFoil Lame Knit1 checkFree Spirit Tula Pink De La Luna2 checkFrench Terry Knit Brushed1 checkFrosted Shag Cuddle2 checkGabardine Suiting1 checkGlitz Sequin Mesh2 checkGrand Slam Suede1 checkHarvest Broadcloth9 checkHatchi Brushed Jersey Knit1 checkHeavy Crepe Back Satin1 checkHeavy Duty Nylon Canvas1 checkHoffman Fabrics 24/7 Linen1 checkHomespun Solids1 checkImperial Batiste2 checkImpressions by Clothworks1 checkIsland Breeze Gauze9 checkItalian Gauze2 checkITY Jersey Knit Solids1 checkJ. Allen Style: Stonewall Performance1 checkJB Martin Aruba Microfiber Polyester Velvet1 checkJersey Knit Solids2 checkKaufman Brussels Washer Linen Blend2 checkKaufman Butter Suede2 checkKaufman Carmel Suiting1 checkKaufman Chambray3 checkKaufman Chambray Union Stretch1 checkKaufman Flannel Solids1 checkKaufman Interweave Chambray2 checkKaufman Laguna Cotton Jersey Knit2 checkKaufman Laguna Cotton Jersey Knit Solids1 checkKaufman Linens Palette1 checkKaufman Maxima Poplin1 checkKaufman Quilter's Linen1 checkKaufman Renew Performance Knit1 checkKaufman Savannah Lawn1 checkKaufman Scuba Suede Knit1 checkKaufman Sparkle Ponte De Roma1 checkKaufman Tech Rip Stop1 checkKaufman Twill1 checkKaufman Uniform Basics1 checkKaufman Vanessa Silky Lawn1 checkKaufman Ventana Twill1 checkKnit Backed Deco Vinyl1 checkKona Cotton65 checkKona Cotton 2019 Color of the Year2 checkKona Cotton 2020 Color of the Year2 checkKona Cotton Assortments7 checkKona Premium1 checkKona Wide Quilt Back2 checkKozy Cuddle Collection3 checkLawn Yarn Dyes1 checkLinen/Silk Satin2 checkLlama Cuddle2 checkLuxe Cuddle Print Collection1 checkMatte Tricot2 checkMaywood Studio Solid1 checkMeadowlark Premium Muslin1 checkMetallic Stretch Mesh2 checkMi Amor Duchess Satin1 checkMicro French Twill1 checkMicro Mesh1 checkMinky Plush4 checkMinky Pre-Cuts2 checkMinky Velvet Soft Cuddle1 checkModal Jersey Knit2 checkMoroccan Crepe2 checkNeoprene Solids4 checkNylon Netting Fabric1 checkNylon Rip Stop Fabric1 checkOrganic Cotton Duck1 checkOrganic Cotton Fleece2 checkOttertex Ripstop11 checkPaintbrush Studio Solids1 checkPanne Velvet2 checkPeachskin Solids2 checkPeppered Cotton1 checkPleated Chiffon6 checkPointelle Rib Knit2 checkPoly Rayon Colleen1 checkPoly-Cotton Poplin1 checkPolyester Lining1 checkPolyester Poplin1 checkPon Te Am Scuba Knit1 checkPremier Prints Coordinates: Lipstick/Chartreuse1 checkPremier Prints Style: Dyed Solid1 checkPremium Broadcloth6 checkPrepared for Printing Duck1 checkPul (Polyurethane Laminate)2 checkRayon Crepe1 checkRayon Jersey Knit1 checkRayon/Silk Blend Velvet2 checkRichloom Style: Shauna2 checkRichloom Tough Vinyl1 checkRichloom Vinyl Style: Tough1 checkRiley Blake Confetti Cottons6 checkRiley Blake Crayola1 checkRiley Blake Crayola Solids1 checkRipstop1 checkRoyal Velvet1 checkSeersucker1 checkShannon Exclusive Minky3 checkShannon Extra Wide Cuddle 3 Minky2 checkShannon Luxe Cuddle11 checkShannon Luxe Cuddle Hide1 checkShannon Minky Cuddle Sparkle2 checkShannon Minky Luxe Cuddle Frosted Shaggy1 checkShannon Minky Luxe Cuddle Mirage4 checkShannon Minky Luxe Cuddle Seal Tiger1 checkShannon Minky Luxe Cuddle Shaggy1 checkShannon Minky Luxe Cuddle Weave1 checkShannon Silky Satin Fabric2 checkShiny Tricot2 checkSilk Charmeuse Solids1 checkSlipper Satin1 checkSoft Fur1 checkSouthern Classic Linen Blend1 checkSpradling Style: Stratosphere3 checkStof France Stretch Jersey Knits1 checkSTOF France Style: Aveyron1 checkSTOF Style: Ombre1 checkStretch French Terry Knit1 checkStretch L'Amour Satin2 checkStretch Linen2 checkStretch Panne Velvet2 checkStretch Velvet3 checkSunbrella Dimension1 checkSunbrella Dimension Style: Level1 checkSunbrella Fusion Indoor/Outdoor Performance Fabric1 checkSunbrella Fusion Style: Chartres1 checkSunbrella Marine1 checkSunbrella Rain Style: Canvas1 checkSunbrella Shift Spotlight1 checkSunbrella Style: Cast1 checkSunbrella Style: Horizon Capriccio1 checkSunbrella Style: Shift1 checkSunbrella Style: Sling1 checkSunbrella Style: Spectrum1 checkSunbrella Style: Sunbr 60" Solid Standard 2 checkSunbrella® Outdoor4 checkSupplex Athletic Knit3 checkSweatshirt Fleece2 checkSwimwear and Intimates Lining1 checkTaffeta Solid4 checkTelio Marlow Denim1 checkTelio Organic Cotton Jersey Knit3 checkTelio Paola Pique Knit1 checkTelio Quilted Knit1 checkTelio Stretch Nylon Shaper Mesh1 checkTempo Home Decor Outdoor1 checkTerrasol Outdoor Style: Catalina1 checkTerry Cloth Cuddle1 checkTerry Cloth Fabric2 checkTexco Corduroy Poly Spandex1 checkTexco Rayon Crepe1 checkTPU Hologram Vinyl1 checkTri Blend Heather Jersey Knit1 checkTwill Gauze4 checkTwo Tone Chiffon3 checkTwo Tone Taffeta1 checkUpholstery Velvet2 checkVelboa Smooth S-Wave1 checkVelour Solid2 checkVelvet Flocked Scuba Knit1 checkVintage Suede2 checkWaterproof Canvas1 checkWilmington Serenity Solids2 checkWinterfleece Velour2 checkWool Knit1
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