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checkBarkcloth49 checkBasketweave685 checkBatik3,482 checkBatiste28 checkBemberg10 checkBengaline9 checkBlackout55 checkBoucle45 checkBroadcloth932 checkBrocade19 checkBuckram1 checkBurlap106 checkCambric1 checkCanvas555 checkChalk Cloth2 checkChallis264 checkChambray174 checkCheese Cloth4 checkChenille484 checkChiffon144 checkChintz19 checkCorduroy76 checkCrepe281 checkCrepe de Chine91 checkCrinoline1 checkDenim149 checkDobby54 checkDouble Knit322 checkDouble Sided Quilted Cotton89 checkDuck2,138 checkDupioni50 checkEyelet71 checkFaille38 checkFaux Fur254 checkFaux Leather578 checkFaux Silk73 checkFaux Suede226 checkFaux Wool41 checkFelt50 checkFlannel1,808 checkFleece792 checkFrench Terry Knit42 checkGabardine7 checkGauze390 checkGeorgette12 checkGingham110 checkHatchi Knit39 checkHeadliner5 checkHomespun25 checkInterlock Knit105 checkITY Knit181 checkJacquard1,840 checkJersey Knit1,391 checkKnit2,596 checkLace345 checkLame54 checkLaminate7 checkLawn617 checkLinen965 checkMadras8 checkMatelasse45 checkMelton57 checkMesh329 checkMinky1,136 checkMoleskin2 checkMonk's Cloth17 checkMuslin56 checkNeoprene10 checkNetting59 checkOilcloth77 checkOrganza83 checkOsnaburg1 checkOttoman7 checkOutdoor1,913 checkOxford34 checkPack Cloth16 checkPeachskin35 checkPincord5 checkPique55 checkPlisse64 checkPointelle Knit1 checkPongee1 checkPonte de Roma Knit46 checkPonte Knit31 checkPoplin248 checkPre Cut Assortments542 checkPUL17 checkQuilting Cotton9,960+ checkRib Knit63 checkRipstop23 checkRuffle Knit3 checkSateen173 checkSatin381 checkSatin Charmeuse169 checkScuba Knit51 checkSeersucker62 checkShantung56 checkShot Cotton45 checkSingle Knit1 checkSlinky Knit6 checkSweater Knit126 checkSweatshirt Fleece Knit6 checkSwiss Dot11 checkTaffeta120 checkTaslan1 checkTerry Cloth55 checkThermal Knit3 checkToweling4 checkTricot51 checkTricotine1 checkTulle154 checkTweed123 checkTwill660 checkVelour84 checkVelvet524 checkVelveteen28 checkVinyl1,095 checkVoile115 checkWoven769
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check14 Karat Home14 check3 Wishes Fabric27 checkA.A Milne and E.H Shepard 5 checkA.E. Nathan118 checkAardvark Quilts4 checkAbbey Shea1,634 checkAbby Hersey2 checkAcetex20 checkADF7 checkAdornit32 checkADORNit Girls23 checkAGF Studio135 checkAl Agnew8 checkAlex Anderson16 checkAlex Toys1 checkAlexa Marcelle Abegg2 checkAlexander Henry264 checkAlexia Marcelle Abegg139 checkAlice Kennedy7 checkAlicia Jacobs Dujets49 checkAlison Glass143 checkAlisse Courter36 checkAllison Harris For Cluck Cluck Sew29 checkAlpine Fabrics39 checkAlyson Beaton6 checkAmanda Herring33 checkAmanda Murphy120 checkAmelia Caruso28 checkAmi! Morehead8 checkAmy Adams3 checkAmy Barickman10 checkAmy Brackenbury4 checkAmy Butler74 checkAmy Callaway5 checkAmy Ellis2 checkAmy Friend15 checkAmy Gibson18 checkAmy Hamberlin12 checkAmy Morehead2 checkAmy Reber37 checkAmy Schimler4 checkAmy Shaw2 checkAmy Sinibaldi89 checkAmy Smart14 checkAndie Hanna36 checkAndover1,087 checkAndrea Turk6 checkAneela Hoey8 checkAngela Anderson15 checkAngela Walters7 checkAnita Jeram9 checkAnn Kelle175 checkAnn Lauer53 checkAnna Maria Horner53 checkAnna Pitjara2 checkAnna Stuart16 checkAnnabel Wrigley18 checkAnne Bollman10 checkAnne Rowan29 checkAnne Tavoletti5 checkAnne was Here15 checkAnni Downs14 checkAnnie Lapoint6 checkAnnie Selke12 checkAnnie Smith2 checkAnother Point Of View187 checkAnthology143 checkApril Cornell10 checkApril Rhodes55 checkArleen Hillyer35 checkArrolynn Weiderhold9 checkArt Bin9 checkArt Gallery Fabrics1,267 checkArt Loft8 checkAstley Baker Davies2 checkAudrey J. Roberts5 checkAudrey Martin Napanarigka3 checkAurelia Manouvrier5 checkAurifil101 checkAvanti Press, Inc.5 checkAxelle Valentin2 checkBabyville Boutique16 checkBarb Tourtillotte43 checkBarbara Jones Of Quilt Soup10 checkBari J. Ackerman101 checkBasicGrey5 checkBBC2 checkBear Essentials63 checkBecky Marie Designs2 checkBee in My Bonnet by Lori Holt2 checkBee Sturgis Design3 checkBelagio8 checkBella Blvd4 checkBella Dura6 checkBellalu Studios3 checkBenartex1,837 checkBernat252 checkBerroco87 checkBeth Grove4 checkBeth Logan4 checkBeth Studley20 checkBetsy Olmsted13 checkBetsy Siber28 checkBetty Wang2 checkBetz White13 checkBeyond the Reef21 checkBirch Organic Fabrics279 checkBlank Quilting465 checkBob Fair6 checkBoltaflex43 checkBonnie and Camille2 checkBonnie Christine154 checkBonnie Krebs8 checkBosal8 checkBoy Scouts of America20 checkBoye8 checkBraemore Fabrics37 checkBrandon Mably77 checkBread & Butter53 checkBrenda Ratliff9 checkBrewer Sewing2 checkBrightOUT19 checkBristol Bay Studio32 checkBryant Industries84 checkBunnies By The Bay13 checkBunny Hill Designs15 checkButterick43 checkBy Annie5 checkByannie8 checkCaleb Gray Studio3 checkCamelot Design Studio118 checkCamelot Fabrics692 checkCamilla Cates2 checkCarina Gardner32 checkCarla Koala4 checkCarolyn Friedlander107 checkCarolyn Gavin14 checkCaron2 checkCarrie Bloomston16 checkCarrie Quinn4 checkCarrie Tomaschko25 checkCarson4 checkCarta Bella24 checkCaryl Bryer Fallert11 checkCathy Garneau3 checkCathy Nordstrom20 checkCedar West13 checkChallis & Roos2 checkChanel2 checkCharlene Audrey19 checkCharley Harper58 checkCharlie Zabarte10 checkCharlotte Moss3 checkCheri Wollenberg2 checkCherry Guidry48 checkCheryl Haynes83 checkChong-a Hwang154 checkChrista Watson8 checkChristine Adolph3 checkChristine Bray2 checkChristopher Thompson20 checkCiana Bodini5 checkCicely Mary Barker7 checkCindy Sepp6 checkClairice Gifford9 checkClare Goldrick4 checkClarence House16 checkClaridge18 checkClaude Monet7 checkClothworks704 checkCloud 9218 checkClover92 checkCoats & Clark606 checkColette Patterns2 checkColor Principle37 checkColor Principle Studio9 checkConnie Haley9 checkConrad Knutsen3 checkContempo Studio211 checkCorey Yoder3 checkCorinne Haig17 checkCosmo Textiles Co.18 checkCotton + Steel646 checkCovington Fabrics & Design320 checkCrayola33 checkCrown Mountain Farms8 checkCrypton312 checkCurtis Licensing 2 checkCynthia Coulter21 checkCynthia Frenette27 checkCynthie Fisher11 checkDan Di Paolo12 checkDan Dipaolo23 checkDan Morris227 checkDana Brooks6 checkDana Willard58 checkDanhui Nai54 checkDani Mogstad28 checkDaniela Stout2 checkDanielle Murray11 checkDarlene Zimmerman110 checkDarrell Bush5 checkDavid & Nancy Miller3 checkDavid Greenway2 checkDavid Textiles54 checkDavid Walker45 checkDC Comics6 checkDe Leon Design Group134 checkDear Stella Designs249 checkDeb Strain10 checkDebbie Mumm30 checkDebi Hron3 checkDebi Hubbs2 checkDeborah Edwards308 checkDeborah Norville28 checkDebra Gabel7 checkDebra Jordan Bryan4 checkDeena Rutter10 checkDeere & Company11 checkDeleon Design Group61 checkDelphine Cubitt8 checkDena Designs116 checkDena Home26 checkDenmark15 checkDenyse Schmidt42 checkDesign by Dani14 checkDesigner Essentials27 checkDesiree's Designs50 checkDiane Eichler12 checkDianna Laferry2 checkDiFord-Hall 27 checkDisney383 checkDisney, Simplicity2 checkDiversitex, Inc.5 checkDodge2 checkDolce & Gabbana2 checkDon Freeman7 checkDona Gelsinger5 checkDoodlebug Designs20 checkDoohikey Designs8 checkDover Hill33 checkDown Grapevine Lane15 checkDr. Seuss Enterprises60 checkDreamworks3 checkDritz129 checkDT-K25 checkDuckTape Brand Duct Tape20 checkDuralee Home55 checkDwell Studio54 checkE. Vive2 checkEchino6 checkEcho Park Paper Co.4 checkED Ellen DeGeneres62 checkEdyta Sitar79 checkElaine Lu3 checkElea Lutz16 checkEleanor Burns38 checkElise K8 checkElizabeth Hartman72 checkElizabeth Olwen18 checkElizabeth's Studio267 checkEllen Crimi-Trent54 checkEllie Mae4 checkEmily Herrick12 checkEmily Isabella14 checkEmily McGlothlen13 checkEmily Taylor Design5 checkEmily W. Martin7 checkEmma Leach10 checkEmmie K.5 checkEnduratex168 checkEntertainment One3 checkEpic Rights4 checkEric and Julie Comstock3 checkEric Carle44 checkErica Hite8 checkErin Dollar29 checkErin McMorris25 checkErin Michael6 checkErin Turner4 checkEroica146 checkESA Designs5 checkEthan Harper12 checkEtro2 checkEtusuko Furuya6 checkEugene Textiles12 checkEuropa7 checkEverSewn8 checkEvonne Cook22 checkExclusively Quilters37 checkExpo International281 checkEZ Fabric2 checkFabric Editions100 checkFabric Freedom3 checkFabric Merchants238 checkFabric Traditions191 checkFabrice De Villeneuve Studio7 checkFabricut97 checkFabrique Innovations, Inc.14 checkFabri-Quilt444 checkFairfield52 checkFaye Oliver4 checkFelice Regina19 checkFelicia Gallo31 checkFeng Liang4 checkFFA6 checkFiona Stokes-Gilbert8 checkFirst Blush Studio67 checkFishsticks Patterns6 checkFiskars4 checkFlaurie & Finch105 checkFrances Newcombe4 checkFranny & Jane2 checkFree Spirit1,704 checkFrench Bull10 checkFrench General3 checkFrou-Frou18 checkGail Cadden33 checkGail Flores5 checkGail Kessler26 checkGail Pan4 checkGallimard Jeunesse2 checkGarry Walton4 checkGenevieve Gorder78 checkGeoff Allen2 checkGeorge McCartney10 checkGina Linn11 checkGina Martin2 checkGirl Charlee Fabrics4 checkGirl Scouts of the USA10 checkGlaser Mills5 checkGolding Fabrics77 checkGorjuss4 checkGrace Popp12 checkGrace Pullen2 checkGraphic 455 checkGreg & Company4 checkGreg Alexander3 checkGreg Mably5 checkGregory Gorham2 checkGreta Lynn143 checkGullane Limited9 checkGutermann89 checkHaartz Corporation13 checkHailey Hoffman8 checkHamil Textiles70 checkHamilton Fabric13 checkHanes39 checkHanna-Barbera13 checkHasbro17 checkHayley Crouse2 checkHBO3 checkHeather Bailey31 checkHeather Givans19 checkHeather Jones4 checkHeather Kennedy3 checkHeather Mulder Peterson13 checkHeather Rosas21 checkHeather Ross31 checkHeidi Boyd2 checkHeidi Kenney3 checkHeidi Pridemore18 checkHeidi Staples23 checkHelen Stubbings59 checkHello Angel10 checkHelz Cuppleditch5 checkHenry Glass & Co.580 checkHeskins2 checkHGTV Home3 checkHoffman Fabrics698 checkHoffman Spectrum15 checkHolly Degroot8 checkHolly Helgeson10 checkHolly Taylor4 checkHome Accent Fabrics32 checkHome Secrets23 checkHoward Robinson20 checkHugo Boss6 checkIne Beerten3 checkIngrid J9 checkInk & Arrow Fabrics273 checkIron Orchid Designs14 checkIsabelle Biche3 checkIsabelle De Borchgrave5 checkIsland Batik460 checkIt's Sew Emma2 checkIvy Lane64 checkIza Pearl Design3 checkJ. Wecker Frisch90 checkJ.Z.W.16 checkJack & Lulu3 checkJack!e Studios14 checkJackie Robinson77 checkJackie Studios36 checkJaclyn Smith10 checkJacquard iDye31 checkJalie Patterns16 checkJames Dean13 checkJames Thompson & Co., Inc.99 checkJames Wiens5 checkJamie Fingal77 checkJan Avellana12 checkJan Martin McGuire3 checkJan Patrik Krasny20 checkJan Shade Beach34 checkJane Maday9 checkJane Sassaman31 checkJanelle Penner10 checkJane's Garden7 checkJanet Rae Nesbitt15 checkJanine Vangool7 checkJay-Cyn81 checkJB Martin26 checkJean Poult6 checkJeanie Sumrall-Ajero19 checkJeep48 checkJen Allyson16 checkJen Killeen4 checkJen Kingwell Designs10 checkJenelle Kent6 checkJeni Baker5 checkJennifer Adams4 checkJennifer Brinley18 checkJennifer Nilsson4 checkJennifer Paganelli54 checkJennifer Pugh99 checkJennifer Sampou39 checkJennifer Young3 checkJesse James Company109 checkJessica Jones5 checkJessica Swift20 checkJill Finley17 checkJill McDonald19 checkJim Shore14 checkJinny Beyer84 checkJo Lynch5 checkJo Moulton27 checkJoanna Figueroa4 checkJoanne Porter10 checkJody Bergsma18 checkJoel Dewberry103 checkJohanna Jo31 checkJohn Butler4 checkJohn Sloane11 checkJohn Wylie27 checkJolijou13 checkJon Q Wright2 checkJon Van Zyle3 checkJosie Cavanagh2 checkJoy Allen3 checkJudie Rothermel39 checkJudy and Judel Niemeyer46 checkJudy Hansen16 checkJudy Niemeyer4 checkJulia Cairns4 checkJulia Rothman2 checkJulia Williams5 checkJuliana Horner5 checkJulie Hendricksen30 checkJuliet Meeks7 checkJuliette Nakamarra Morris3 checkJune Bee136 checkJune Tailor12 checkJustina Blakeney115 checkKaffe Fassett419 checkKaffe Fassett Collective37 checkKanvas131 checkKanvas Studio709 checkKaren Embry15 checkKaren Lewis27 checkKaren Styles43 checkKari Carr23 checkKarla Dornacher26 checkKarla Morreira5 checkKasLen Textiles14 checkKatarina Roccella141 checkKate & Birdie Paper Co.4 checkKate Follows27 checkKate Spain7 checkKathy Doughty52 checkKathy Hall58 checkKathy Hatch3 checkKatia Hoffman21 checkKatie Doucette70 checkKatie Hennagir3 checkKatie Pertiet14 checkKaty Jones3 checkKaye England73 checkKaytlyn Anderson33 checkKC Mick3 checkKeera Job13 checkKeith Kimberlin4 checkKelly Panacci10 checkKelly Ripa69 checkKelly Ripa Home70 checkKelly Ventura16 checkKendra Dandy37 checkKeri Schneider11 checkKevin Danel9 checkKevin Daniel26 checkKids Quilts15 checkKim Christopherson45 checkKim Diehl62 checkKim Schaefer77 checkKimberly Einmo29 checkKimberly Kight75 checkKing Features8 checkKokka31 checkKoko Seki25 checkKris Lammers31 checkKristen Balouch18 checkKristen Berger2 checkKunin29 checkKwik Sew42 checkKyle Sims2 checkLacefield Designs141 checkLane Kendrick5 checkLarry Hersberger6 checkL'Atelier Perdu14 checkLatifah Saafir Studios 8 checkLaundry Basket Quilts54 checkLaura & Kiran77 checkLaura Ashley15 checkLaura Berringer35 checkLaura Foster Nicholson2 checkLaura Gunn19 checkLaura Heine15 checkLaura Marshall19 checkLaura Stone9 checkLaurel Burch52 checkLauren Nash10 checkLaurie Cook7 checkLaurie Wisbrun2 checkLeah Duncan22 checkLeanne Anderson44 checkLecien43 checkLennie Honcoop4 checkLeonie Bateman20 checkLeslie Moak Murray19 checkLeutenegger7 checkLevison Design2 checkLewis & Irene87 checkLiberty Fabrics30 checkLiberty of London479 checkLibs Elliott21 checkLiesl Gibson8 checkLila Tueller11 checkLila Tueller Designs30 checkLillian August17 checkLily Ashbury2 checkLily Yarns45 checkLinda Carlson And Diane Henage2 checkLinda Ludovico75 checkLindsay Ostrom9 checkLindsay Wilkes24 checkLion Brand280 checkLion Ribbon109 checkLisa Audit58 checkLisa Conlin8 checkLisa McCue2 checkLittle Cube13 checkLiz Goodrick-Dillon13 checkLizzy House42 checkLJ Smith31 checklmogen Skelley 2 checkLollipop Rrainbow2 checkLondon Portfolio2 checkLonni Rossi3 checkLoralie Designs136 checkLoralie Harris101 checkLorena Siminovich3 checkLori Gardner Woods26 checkLori Holt144 checkLori Whitlock19 checkLori Woods19 checkLorilynn Simms4 checkLotta Jansdotter51 checkLouise Anglicas9 checkLouise Cunningham5 checkLucasfilm20 checkLucie Crovatto30 checkLunn Studios215 checkLynette Anderson24 checkLynn Studios2 checkLynnea Washburn7 checkM & S Textiles34 checkMadcap Cottage38 checkMaggie and Flo45 checkMaggy London6 checkMagnolia Home Fashions203 checkMakower UK150 checkMarcia Derse28 checkMarcus Brothers724 checkMarcus Fabrics19 checkMargaret Berg2 checkMargot Elena38 checkMaria Kalinowski543 checkMarie Cole8 checkMarimekko23 checkMark Hordyszynski11 checkMarlen Textiles2 checkMarsha McCloskey18 checkMartelli6 checkMarti McGinnis2 checkMarvel13 checkMarvel Comics42 checkMary Beth Baker10 checkMary Engelbreit5 checkMary Fons6 checkMary Jane Carey19 checkMary Koval3 checkMary Lake-Thompson15 checkMary Mulari5 checkMasha D'yans23 checkMattel, Inc.9 checkMatthew Pridemore30 checkMaureen Cracknell126 checkMax Mara11 checkMaxi-Lock35 checkMay Arts54 checkMaywood Studio239 checkMcCall's Patterns50 checkMcKenna Ryan28 checkMe + You 24 checkMeg Hawkey43 checkMelissa Mortenson8 checkMelissa Ybarra9 checkMelly & Me2 checkMelody Miller156 checkMettler21 checkMia8 checkMichael Miller1,995 checkMichael Mullen9 checkMichael Searle14 checkMichael Sieve8 checkMichele D'Amore54 checkMiddle Earth Enterprises12 checkMinecraft3 checkMini Mikes16 checkMiriam Bos16 checkMishi Shuku2 checkMitzi Powers23 checkModa211 checkModkid3 checkMoira Hershey16 checkMojang Synergies3 checkMolly B's Studio2 checkMolly Diehl9 checkMolly Hatch18 checkMomo15 checkMonaluna40 checkMoose Toys5 checkMorbern30 checkMorgan Fabrics5 checkMorgan Home7 checkMundial10 checkMy Heart Kt16 checkMy KT20 checkMy Mind's Eye22 checkNadia Hassan6 checkNadra Ridgeway10 checkNana Mae29 checkNancy Fullenwider3 checkNancy Gere2 checkNancy Halvorsen28 checkNancy Mink41 checkNancy Rink49 checkNancy Smith3 checkNancy Zieman5 checkNassimi42 checkNatalie Alex6 checkNatalie Barnes33 checkNatalie Bird4 checkNaturalight2 checkNaugahyde196 checkNeiko Ng7 checkNel Whatmore28 checkNewcastle Fabrics259 checkNHL77 checkNiamh Fitzsimons5 checkNick Mayor3 checkNickelodeon17 checkNicole Miller2 checkNidhi Wadhwa37 checkNintendo14 checkNorm Wyatt5 checkNorthcott606 checkNutshell Designs11 checkOasis Fabrics59 checkOctober Afternoon3 checkOdile Bailloeul10 checkOil Cloth International32 checkOlfa7 checkOlive Ann Designs10 checkOliver + S2 checkOmnova3 checkP & B Boutique4 checkP & B Textiles232 checkP Kaufmann707 checkPaige Bridges3 checkPaintbrush Studio128 checkPam Buda53 checkPam Goecke32 checkPat Bravo108 checkPat Sloan2 checkPatons83 checkPatricia Zapata16 checkPatrick Lose47 checkPatrick Lose Fabrics39 checkPatrick Patton13 checkPatty Reed4 checkPatty Sloniger22 checkPatty Young23 checkPaul Brent3 checkPaula & Waffle18 checkPaula Barnes21 checkPaula Joerling5 checkPaula McGloin14 checkPaula Nadeistern14 checkPaula Nadelstern21 checkPeanuts By Charles M. Shultz2 checkPeanuts Worldwide6 checkPeggy Toole14 checkPellon108 checkPenny Lane3 checkPenny Rose206 checkPenny Rose Fabrics63 checkPersis Clayton Weirs6 checkPetal and Light15 checkPeter A. Lerro, Jr.5 checkPhifertex41 checkPhilip Jacobs136 checkPhoenix of Anderson3 checkPillow & Maxfield3 checkPilot2 checkPine Crest Fabrics79 checkPink Chandelier 36 checkPink Light Design15 checkPink Light Studio3 checkPippa Moon2 checkPK Lifestyles4 checkPK Lifestyles Studio17 checkPKL Studio50 checkPlaid5 checkPlastex76 checkPokemon Company4 checkPortfolio Select10 checkPremier Prints1,324 checkPremier Yarns85 checkPucci2 checkPunch Studio2 checkQT Fabrics44 checkQuilt Gate10 checkQuilted Crow Girls Design10 checkQuilted Koala3 checkQuilters Dream71 checkQuilting Treasures1,386 checkRachel Shelburne3 checkRachel Thomas Pellman11 checkRae Hoekstra10 checkRae Ritchie93 checkRamtex Inc.62 checkRani Child4 checkRashida Coleman-Hale162 checkRBD Designers228 checkRCA Home7 checkRealtree8 checkRebecca Baer4 checkRebecca Bryan31 checkRed Brolly8 checkRed Heart Yarn338 checkRed Rooster Fabrics85 checkRed Rooster Studio13 checkRegal Fabrics48 checkRenae Lindgren16 checkRenaissance Ribbons21 checkRichloom Fabrics800 checkRifle Paper Co.72 checkRiley Blake Designs1,306 checkRiverwoods Collection2 checkRJR Fabrics78 checkRJR Fashion Fabrics612 checkRJR Studio114 checkRK Studio34 checkRo Gregg49 checkRobert Allen176 checkRobert Kaufman4,266 checkRobert Kirkman3 checkRobin Davis15 checkRobin Kingsley40 checkRobyn Pandolph3 checkRoc-LonĀ®40 checkRomuald2 checkRongrong Devoe2 checkRonnie Gold2 checkRoomMates16 checkRose Ann Cook27 checkRosemarie Lavin5 checkRowan20 checkRuane Manning3 checkRunway Threads2 checkRuth Levison Design21 checkSafety Components29 checkSally Bell3 checkSally Keszler10 checkSam McBratney9 checkSam Shaw9 checkSamantha Walker13 checkSanaa Legdani3 checkSandi Henderson9 checkSandra Clemons58 checkSandra Magsamen10 checkSandy Gervais21 checkSanja Rescek12 checkSanrio2 checkSantoro London45 checkSAQA8 checkSara B.3 checkSara Morgan28 checkSarah Campbell41 checkSarah Fielke21 checkSarah Frederking10 checkSarah Golden26 checkSarah Hudock2 checkSarah J.110 checkSarah Jane123 checkSarah Summers28 checkSarah Vedeler14 checkSarah Watson7 checkSarah Watts121 checkSarah York4 checkSchmetz12 checkScott Living70 checkSD Graphics5 checkSea Urchin Studio43 checkSedef Imer23 checkSee Kate Sew2 checkSentimental Studios2 checkSerendipity Studio3 checkSerge Ferrari5 checkSevenberry404 checkSew Baby14 checkSew Caroline47 checkSew Line2 checkShannon Fabrics1,093 checkShannon Newlin21 checkSharla Fults26 checkSharon Holland57 checkSharyn Sowell3 checkShawn Wallace9 checkShell Rummel16 checkShelly Comiskey52 checkSherri & Chelsi2 checkSimple Simon & Company28 checkSimplicity31 checkSinger3 checkSizzix9 checkSkinny La Minx7 checkSkipping Stones Studio34 checkSnow Leopard Designs10 checkSoftline Home Fashions2 checkSonna USA3 checkSouth Sea Imports7 checkSpechler-Vogel70 checkSpradling368 checkSprings Creative Products471 checkStacey Yacula9 checkStacy Iest Hsu6 checkStephanie Marrott57 checkStephanie Ryan7 checkStof Fabrics248 checkStof Fabrics of France317 checkStof France264 checkStof France Infants66 checkStraight Stitch Society2 checkStudio 37200 checkStudio 8157 checkStudio K24 checkStudio KM21 checkStudio M14 checkStudio Mousseaue13 checkStudio NYC14 checkStudio RK303 checkStudioE Fabrics337 checkSue Coccia4 checkSue Daley Designs39 checkSue Marsh38 checkSue Zipkin46 checkSugar Sisters Design2 checkSuite 150028 checkSulky17 checkSunbrella10 checkSunbrite48 checkSunformance12 checkSuperior Thread25 checkSupie Davis3 checkSusan Bates31 checkSusan Emory18 checkSusan Winget17 checkSustain Performance28 checkSusy Bleasby2 checkSusybee98 checkSuzanne Cruise23 checkSuzy Ultman27 checkSwavelle/Mill Creek535 checkSwavelle/Mill Creek Style: Sasqua3 checkSweetbriar Sisters2 checkSweetwater6 checkSwirly Girls Design2 checkSwizzle Stick Studio8 checkSykel Enterprises13 checkSylvie Demers3 checkTamara Kate55 checkTammie Green18 checkTana Mueller13 checkTanya Price3 checkTanya Whelan63 checkTara Reed4 checkTasha Noel23 checkTelio1,314 checkTeresa Ascone2 checkTerrasol13 checkTerri Degenkolb17 checkTextile Creations1,020 checkThe Aird Group4 checkThe Colonial Williamsburg Foundation4 checkThe Estate of Marilyn Monroe9 checkThe Grace Company10 checkThe Hautman Brothers22 checkThe Henley Studio148 checkThe Quilted Fish5 checkThe RBD Designers34 checkThe Singer Company22 checkThe Warm Company32 checkTherm O Web41 checkThistlewood Farms19 checkThomas Paul9 checkTim Holtz66 checkTim Kasper 3 checkTimeless Treasures1,205 checkTimeworn Toolbox Designs18 checkTina Givens39 checkTina Higgins10 checkTina Ledbetter15 checkTokyo Milk14 checkTommy Bahama122 checkTony Fernandes16 checkTootsie Roll7 checkTracy Lizotte4 checkTre Sorelle Studio12 checkTrend10 checkTrivantage24 checkTrue Timber40 checkTula Pink121 checkTurner Entertainment8 checkTurnowsky45 checkTuva Textile8 checkTwo Can Art15 checkUltrafabrics64 checkUltrasuede12 checkUniversal Studios53 checkUrban Chiks15 checkValori Wells50 checkVan Gogh Museum9 checkVanessa Vargas Wilson17 checkVelcro15 checkVerna Mosquera75 checkVeronique Charron3 checkVicki Schreiner2 checkVictoria Findlay21 checkVictoria Findlay Wolfe Quilts60 checkVictoria Hutto15 checkVikki Chu13 checkViolet Craft46 checkVogue9 checkWarner Brothers25 checkWashington Street Studio23 checkWaverly634 checkWee Gallery8 checkWenche Wolff Hatling5 checkWesley Mancini11 checkWestern Denim and Dirt24 checkWestminster/Rowan133 checkWestrade Textiles97 checkWhistler Studios387 checkWild Apple45 checkWilliamsburg3 checkWillow Creek4 checkWilmington Prints1,456 checkWindham Fabrics1,424 checkWing and a Prayer Design17 checkWorld Art Group10 checkWorld Of Susybee19 checkWorld Wide Fabric47 checkWrights/Boye47 checkYolanda Fundora6 checkYuko Hasegawa2 checkYves St. Laurent3 checkZanola Rhodes2 checkZoe Pearn Designs14
plusFabric Pattern
plusFiber Content Range
plusProduct Type
check Cotton Linen22 check Shades20 check100% European Linen18 check108" Wide Essentials Quilt Backing21 check108" Wide Tulle32 check110'' Quilt Backing20 check120" Sheer Voile24 check40 Denier Tricot22 check47" Shalimar Burlap21 check54'' Wide Tulle53 check60'' Monks Cloth15 check60'' Poly Cotton Broadcloth41 check60'' Sultana Burlap16 check72'' Rainbow Felt29 checkA Festive Season26 checkA Gardening We Grow14 checkA Ghastlie14 checkAbbey Shea Style: Aerotex25 checkAbbey Shea Style: Amicable15 checkAbbey Shea Style: Augusta24 checkAbbey Shea Style: Berry18 checkAbbey Shea Style: Chelsea19 checkAbbey Shea Style: Clayton15 checkAbbey Shea Style: Columbia18 checkAbbey Shea Style: Cordura16 checkAbbey Shea Style: Devine41 checkAbbey Shea Style: Durham27 checkAbbey Shea Style: Ennis 197416 checkAbbey Shea Style: Enthusiasm32 checkAbbey Shea Style: Esquina17 checkAbbey Shea Style: Ferrell34 checkAbbey Shea Style: Fletcher15 checkAbbey Shea Style: Kendrick29 checkAbbey Shea Style: Lagarde14 checkAbbey Shea Style: Marilyn14 checkAbbey Shea Style: Marvin22 checkAbbey Shea Style: Melanie21 checkAbbey Shea Style: Miami27 checkAbbey Shea Style: Miura14 checkAbbey Shea Style: Nebo15 checkAbbey Shea Style: Oxford16 checkAbbey Shea Style: Path19 checkAbbey Shea Style: Perry19 checkAbbey Shea Style: Portland14 checkAbbey Shea Style: Riverton32 checkAbbey Shea Style: Seibold17 checkAbbey Shea Style: Shaffer17 checkAbbey Shea Style: Simple17 checkAbbey Shea Style: Story15 checkAbbey Shea Style: Thomas17 checkAbbey Shea Style: Yeatts15 checkAbigail36 checkAged Muslin18 checkAlex Anderson Mirage16 checkAlexander Henry Christmas Time14 checkAlexander Henry Monkey's Bizness26 checkAlexander Henry Nicole's Prints15 checkAlexander Henry The Ghastlies 16 checkAlison Glass Batiks33 checkAlison Glass Seventy Six21 checkAlison Glass Sun Print19 checkAlpine Flannel Prints20 checkAlpine Upholstery Velvet18 checkAmber Waves14 checkAmerican Made Brand Solids42 checkAmy Butler Love21 checkAmy Reber Jitterbug24 checkAndover A Splash of Color Batik26 checkAndover Brushline26 checkAndover Dimples98 checkAndover Doodle Days18 checkAndover Flourish18 checkAndover Maling27 checkAndover Over the Rainbow32 checkAndover Sun Print 201823 checkAndover Tiger Plant21 checkAndover/Makower Sundance20 checkAngel Song14 checkAnne of Green Gables19 checkAnne of Green Gables by Penny Rose19 checkAnsley Home22 checkAnthology Batik31 checkAria14 checkArt Gallery42 checkArt Gallery Arizona After19 checkArt Gallery Avantgarde18 checkArt Gallery Blithe20 checkArt Gallery Blush19 checkArt Gallery Bountiful19 checkArt Gallery Campsite15 checkArt Gallery Canvas25 checkArt Gallery Chalk & Paint15 checkArt Gallery Charleston16 checkArt Gallery Color Master Bundles22 checkArt Gallery Cotton Jersey Knit211 checkArt Gallery Day Trip18 checkArt Gallery Fleet & Flourish25 checkArt Gallery Forest Floor21 checkArt Gallery Garden Dreamer24 checkArt Gallery Heartland23 checkArt Gallery Hello Bear36 checkArt Gallery Hello Ollie Organic23 checkArt Gallery Here Comes The Fun20 checkArt Gallery InBlue25 checkArt Gallery Indie Boheme27 checkArt Gallery Joie De Vivre21 checkArt Gallery Lagom17 checkArt Gallery Lambkin27 checkArt Gallery Lavish21 checkArt Gallery Little Town18 checkArt Gallery Millie Fleur15 checkArt Gallery Nightfall24 checkArt Gallery Observer21 checkArt Gallery Pandalicious22 checkArt Gallery Pastel Thrift16 checkArt Gallery Playground21 checkArt Gallery Sage20 checkArt Gallery Soulful22 checkArt Gallery Tallinn20 checkArt Gallery Tapestry16 checkArt Gallery Voile23 checkArt Gallery Wonderful Things22 checkArt Gallery Wonderland19 checkArtichoke Garden17 checkArtisan Batiks Elementals31 checkArtisan Batiks Patina Handpaints36 checkAsterisk15 checkAthletic Double Knits19 checkAustralia Bush18 checkAvalana Jersey Knit51 checkAvalon Decorative Filigree16 checkBack Porch Prints21 checkBackyard Pals15 checkBali Batiks Handpaints96 checkBasically Hugs59 checkBatavian Batiks33 checkBear Essentials 353 checkBear Paws22 checkBedrock By Windham31 checkBellisima18 checkBenartex Bali Batiks44 checkBernat Baby Blanket Yarn23 checkBernat Big Ball Baby Yarn21 checkBernat Blanket Big Ball Yarn22 checkBernat Pipsqueak Yarn16 checkBernat Satin25 checkBernat Softee Chunky Yarn41 checkBernat Super Value Yarn15 checkBerroco Comfort Yarn15 checkBirch Organic Camp Sur 318 checkBirch Organic Charley Harper20 checkBirch Organic Charley Harper Western Birds30 checkBirch Organic Double Gauze14 checkBirch Organic Farm Fresh24 checkBirch Organic Interlock Knit41 checkBirch Organic Merryweather24 checkBirch Organic Mod Basics 327 checkBirch Organics Folkland18 checkBlackout Drapery Fabric26 checkBlossom Batiks Splash14 checkBlossom Batiks Valley55 checkBlue Sky24 checkBlueberry Buckle18 checkBoltaflex Style: Avalon42 checkBoy Scouts of America20 checkBrandon Mably Spring 201725 checkBree27 checkBrightOUT Fused Blackout Fabric19 checkBro.ther Sis.ter14 checkBrushed Bull Denim15 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